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    Easy Ways To Get More Out of Your Jewelry Collection

    Over the years, most of us get given, left or buy items of jewelry. So, usually, you fairly quickly end up with a fairly big collection. Sadly, a lot of the time, most of it just sits in a box somewhere unworn and barely looked at. That is a real shame because, as you will see, there are lots of ways to give some of your unloved jewelry a new lease of life. None of which are particularly expensive or difficult to do.

    Sell some old pieces and buy something new

    Right now, the price of gold and silver are sky-high. You can find out more by clicking the link. But, the price of gold is at record levels and the price is silver is creeping towards the highest it has ever been.

    So, if you have pieces in your collection that do not have any sentimental value and are never worn, why not sell them? You will be surprised by how much you will get. If you want you can use that money to buy new pieces.

    Have your old jewelry turned into bespoke pieces

    Better still have the jeweler create something from the precious metal and stones. If you opt for the latter option you will end up with a piece of jewelry that is 100% unique and exactly what you want.

    Refashion what you own

    Alternatively, you could have a go yourself. It is surprisingly easy to refashion your own jewelry. For example, you could take items like your baby ring, or a pin your parent left you that you cannot wear and add them to a charm bracelet. This excellent video provides several more innovative ideas.

    Pass some of your jewelry onto the next generation

    If you have items that have been passed down to you but are not worn, it may be worth giving them to other members of your family. It is traditional to pass family heirlooms on to the next generation at the time of your death. But, there is actually no need to wait until then. Surely, it is better that your son has the opportunity to wear the tie pin that your grandfather left to you instead of leaving it sitting in a box?

    Give away some items as gifts

    In fact, there is no reason that you do not pass some items on to others in your circle. If your friend particularly likes that necklace you bought when you first traveled abroad with her, why not gift it to her? She will likely wear it far more than you do. Doing this will bring back happy memories and help to keep the bond between you strong.

    Give away some items as donations

    Giving unwanted items to your favorite charity is another approach that can work really well. They could sell it in their shop, auction it off, or turn it into a raffle price. Most charities will have an effective way to turn your donation into the cash that they need.

    Find ways to wear things more

    Of course, you could always just wear your jewelry more. You don’t have to be going out anywhere special to be able to wear a pair of glamorous earrings or a necklace. Doing this is a great way to fall in love again with a piece of jewelry that you forgot you owned.

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