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    10 Best Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

    People love to give gifts to their near and dear ones as a token of gratitude. Gifts have been a major way to bring people together and increase love, harmony, and appreciation in society. The price of the gift does not determine the worth of the gift; rather, the affection one puts in it. Moreover, people love to present a gift in good wrapping that is something people take very seriously. After all, presentation matters the most.

    People make sure that birthday and Christmas gift are wrapped attractively. It is a well-known fact that no one is going to open and check out a gift at the spot. Therefore, the gift itself matters less than how it is wrapped. If a person gives an outstanding gift with poor wrapping, it looks ugly. On the contrary, if a person buys a low priced gift and presents it in good wrapping, it will look amazing. Presentation is the essential thing that matters the most. Everyone likes to see his/her gift to look prominently among a bunch of gifts. To make gifts look visible and highlighted, good wrapping is a must thing to do.

    Few people do not give any attention to gift wrapping; they believe that only a high price gift is what makes people happy. They think there is no needs to put an extra cover over the gift and hide it. The reality is, it looks really bad to present gifts without wrappings. No matter how costly or cheap a gift is, wrapping is a must. Moreover, gift wrapping helps people to avoid unwanted or unaffordable expenses. For example, if a person cannot afford a costly gift, they can buy a budget gift and wrap it in a good way.

    This will help them to take things in a light mood without burdening themselves, financially. Hence, gift wrapping is a beneficial service from a social and economic point of view. Many excellent gift-wrapping services are operating in the region like Mrgiftwrap; people should benefit from these amazing services.


    These wonderful ideas are best to present a gift brilliantly.

    #1. Tag style

    This is an easy method to adopt. Take a simple wrapping paper, and cover the gift with it with and attach a paper tag to it. Things one needs to wrap a gift using this method include cutter, tape, single color paper, thick thread, and a small piece of hard paper. Use the cutter to cut single color paper to cut it according to the size of the gift. Then with the help of the tape cover gift with the wrapping paper. Now, tie the gift with the thread. Make a tag with hard paper and attach it to the gift.

    #2. Artistic packing

    Artistic packing is one of the most creative methods to wrap a gift. This approach involves the paint skills of a person. Use any wrapping paper to cover the gift. It is often suggested to use a wrapping paper with fewer colors or lines. Make some simple paintings on the wrapped gift. The level of decoration in this method depends upon the painting skills of the person.

    #3. Tape strips

    This method is one of the widely used ideas for gift wrapping. This is easy and quick to do. If a person is in an urgent situation, this method will be the best to choose. One needs colorful or patterned gift wrapping paper and two or three different color tapes for this gift wrapping idea. First, cover the gift with the wrapping paper and then make strips on the wrapped gift using the tapes.

    #4. 3D gift wrapping

    This idea is best to wrap gifts for kids and grandparents. A simply wrapped gift is converted into a 3D wrapped gift using some toys or cards. For kids, a small car or any other toy is pasted on the gift. And for grandparents, beautiful cards are pasted over the wrapping.

    #5. Golden patterns

    Golden patterns are very easy and quick gift wrapping method. Simply, just use a gift wrapping paper to cover the gift and then use a golden color marker or glitter pen to draw some patterns over it.

    #6. Nature look

    If a gift is for a person who is fond of nature, then this method is the best to wrap a gift for that person. First, wrap the gift using a simple or patterned cover paper and then attach a leaf or flower to the wrapped gift. This is a simple and unique idea to make happy, all nature-loving friends and family members.

    #7. Use fabric

    This is a very different approach to wrap a gift. This method needs a little more work than wrapping a gift with a paper. However, fabric covering gives a stunning look to the gift. This idea needs tape, a cutter, and a piece of beautiful fabric. If someone applies this method is for sure, their gift will look very different and attractive.

    #8. Boxes

    If there is a situation that people do not have access to gift wrapping material, then they can use small boxes to cover a gift. Find a suitable box that can hold the gift in it without damaging it. Then use tape to pack the box and, if possible, make some patterns over it.

    #9. Shopping bag

    Few stores give decorative shopping bags. One can keep them safe and use for gift wrapping. Most people use this method. There is no external input in this method. One has just to buy a gift and put it into this shopping bag. This method is environmentally friendly, and therefore, people prefer to use this gift wrapping method.

     #10. Watercolors

    This idea is the best fit for kids to decorate a gift for their friends. However, this method is suitable for every age group. This is a quite simple method, wrap the gift with a common white paper and draw some drawing over it using watercolors, and the gift is ready.


    Gifts play a major role in fostering a lovely and caring society. This tradition has been a long time ritual to bring people together. People show their affections by offering gifts to their near and dear ones. The price of the gift does not matter, but people always consider the presentation of the gift, a very important task. People try to make gifts more attractive by applying unique gift wrapping ideas. Artistic looks, 3D style, use of fabric, water coloring, and natural look are some of the best ideas for gift wrapping.

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