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    Girls Trip? Put These Places On Your Bucket List

    Is there anything quite as wonderful as a vacation with the girls? You can really connect with your friends when you travel together, and whether you stay at home or journey overseas on a dream once in a lifetime break, you’re bound to have an amazing time as long as you’re with your nearest and dearest. Perhaps you love sunbathing, partying, cultural activities or sports? Well, whatever you enjoy, these places should definitely be on your bucket list for your next girls trip.

    Las Vegas

    Is there any destination more perfect for a group of like minded girls than Sin City itself? There’s so much to enjoy in this unique destination. Of course, you can take your pick of luxury hotels which have absolutely everything you could possible want from a girls break. However, there’s a lot more to enjoy that that. There’s free food and drink, the opportunity to bet in the casino, shows galore, free entertainment on tap and so much to see and do in the local area that you could stay for a month and not be bored of it all.

    The Bahamas

    What’s not to enjoy? Head to the Caribbean with your girlfriends for an amazing and relaxing break in the glorious sunshine. There are luxury hotels where you can avail yourselves of all the spa facilities, stunning sandy beaches where you can sunbathe to your hearts’ content, beautiful pools where you can enjoy the swim-up bars, and you can even take the opportunity to swim with dolphins. You’ll have an unforgettable time.


    Fancy traveling a little further afield with the girls? The stunning Indian beach resort of Goa is the ideal getaway. Affordable, exotic and surprisingly luxurious, there’s something for everyone here from glorious sunbathing to yoga on the beach and from historic architecture to delicious local cuisine. There’s also some amazing diving opportunities from this wonderful destination so if you and your girlfriends want to explore underwater, don’t forget to take all the important items you’ll need.

    Disney World, Florida

    Which group of girls won’t love reliving their childhood and releasing their inner Disney princess with a trip to Disney World in Florida? Even a short break is magical in this wonderful spot where you can be a child all over again. There are fun rides to enjoy, shows to clap and sing along to, impressive fireworks and more food and treats than you can shake a stick at. Stay at one of the resort hotels and you can double your fun, with wall to wall theming from dawn to dusk!

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Prefer to keep things cool? It doesn’t get much cooler in Iceland – and that’s in any sense of the word! It isn’t cheap, but this gorgeous Scandinavian country is truly breathtaking. You’ll love the cultural experience that this destination has to offer, with its own unique architecture, history and food. You’ll also have the opportunity if you’re lucky to experience the Northern Lights – something that most people can only dream of. While you’re staying in Reykjavic, you must experience the Blue Lagoon, an amazing hot spring where you can swim outdoors, even when the temperatures are freezing outside!

    Take A Road Trip

    If you can’t decide on a single destination, why not rent an RV and hit the road? There are some amazing places to discover in our own beautiful country, so whether you’ve always wanted to experience the beauty of the west coast or the history of the east, or whether you just want to bask in glorious sunshine in the south, you can all find something that perfectly suits your tastes. With so much variety in the USA, there’s something for everybody in your group, whether they love history, partying, sports, sunbathing or shopping. You’ll all have a fantastic time.

    Whichever of our bucket list destinations you choose for your next girls trip, you’re sure to have an amazing experience. After all, it isn’t always about the destination, it’s about the people that you’re going with, so even if you can’t afford to head to foreign climes, at least you’ll enjoy the company you’re sharing your break with. Have a wonderful vacation!

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