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    Why So Many British Men Are Going Abroad For A Hair Transplant

    Some of the UK’s most iconic men have undergone a hair transplant to combat the effects of balding. Premier League footballer Wayne Rooney has endured intense media scrutiny throughout multiple hair transplants. Meanwhile, Sir Elton John underwent what remains perhaps the most blatantly obvious hair transplant of any celebrity all the way back in the early 1990s. Even mega-hunk David Beckham was not immune to balding.

    In late 2018, some of Britain’s top media outlets published articles – such as this one right here – detailing the former footballer’s hair transplant. Of course, getting a men hair transplant in the UK was easy for these men and others like them because they have several million pounds each. For the UK’s average alopecia sufferers, securing a hair transplant is a lot more complicated. In this article, we’ll be discussing the challenges of getting a hair transplant in the UK and the alternatives available to you.

    High Costs

    One of the major issues associated with getting a hair transplant in Britain is the high price of even basic procedures. According to nhs, hair transplant costs in the UK begin at about £1000. At their highest, they can reach a staggering £30,000. Prices vary from patient to patient and are influenced by the severity of balding and the choice of procedure. That being said, you should be prepared to drop upwards of £10,000 if you want a hair transplant in the UK.

    Minimal Clinics

    Britain is home to very few hair restoration clinics. The vast majority of them are, unsurprisingly, located in London. However, London clinics also have the dubious distinction of being the most expensive in Britain. Other UK clinics are located in places like Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool. While less expensive than their London counterparts, these clinics may cost you just as much when you factor in travel and accommodation. Additionally, the small number of clinics in the United Kingdom means longer waiting lists, so you shouldn’t book your hair transplant in the UK if you’re not a patient person.

    Minimal Procedures

    The UK’s hair transplantation industry is still in its infancy. As a consequence of this, many British clinics only offer a small selection of hair transplant procedures. Many provide both FUT and FUE treatment, but nothing else. There are even some clinics which offer FUT or FUE exclusively. If you want access to a wider selection of procedures you’ll have to take your search abroad.

    Should I Go Abroad For A Hair Transplant?

    If you really want to keep hair transplant costs down, we suggest leaving the UK and traveling to Turkey. Turkish clinics are known for offering some of the most affordable hair transplantation procedures in the world. Even The Vera Clinic, which boasts some of the most renowned surgeons in the industry, offers FUE, FUT, PRP and other forms of hair restoration therapy for up to 50% less than its British counterparts.

    We mentioned earlier that traveling from one British city to another for a hair transplant can get pretty pricey. The same cannot be said of traveling from Britain to Turkey for a hair transplant. Hair transplant prices are so low in Turkey that a medical tourist could pay for travel, treatment, and accommodation and still spend less than they would on a hair transplant in the UK.

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