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    Going to Nepal for the First Time? Here are the Things to Remember

    Are you planning your next trip where you can enjoy a vast mountain sports area at an affordable price?

    Then coming to visit Nepal is the best place for you. Whether you are going to Peru, France, Nepal, or any of the best countries for mountain sports for the first time, there are many things to consider.

    Before traveling it is best to make some searches about the country you are going to and coming here is the best choice for you. We curated enough information to help you be prepared for your trip to Nepal, a place with incredible natural scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities to offer.

    Underlying Adventures

    It is undeniable that most people want to visit Nepal for its breathtaking lakes, mountains, and rivers.

    Aside from that, it is cheap for sports adventurers like trekking, kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking, and more. It is hailed as the best place with a vast area for both beginners and immediate adventurers to hone their skill set plus it is fun to be at a new place.

    Nepal is a phenomenal destination with so many underlying adventures to offer. Even so, you must also be aware to bring your basic adventure essentials such as a can filler, first aid, energy bars, gears, spare batteries, and so on. This way you can enjoy the big area with no problem.

    Power Cuts

    Power cuts are still happening daily in Nepal. It might occur between 6 to 8 hours unlike in the past where it would last for over 14 to 18 hours. While most hotels, accommodations, and restaurants operate with a generator backup, it is important to watch out for your battery draining. You don’t want to have your trip be disturbed by such a minor problem, would you?

    Make a schedule to constantly check your gears and gadgets to avoid walking around the city without a battery especially for your cameras. If you are going along the trekking routes, it is also important to bring spare batteries for any of your electronic devices, a flashlight, and more. This way you can survive Nepal’s power outages in case blackouts extend to darker hours.

    Environmental Issue

    Visiting a new city means being responsible for what you do, especially if it’s about the country’s environmental issue. It is an unspoken rule for tourists to watch out and to always be responsible for their actions so as not to offend or do harm to the country they are currently in.

    Nepal is facing an environmental issue and tourists should remember that every rubbish they bring may contribute to the problem. So if you are thinking about bringing with you a bottle of water, a packet of sugar, or anything wrapped that is attributable to trash then always remember to keep your leaves with you.

    Make sure to clean as you go and throw your rubbish in the proper bin to avoid adding to their garbage issues. Especially when going up mountains or checking some tourist spots. The least you can do as a tourist is to do damage to the place where the country takes pride.


    The means of transportation around Nepal, needless to say, will offer a long, tiring, and insane traffic just like how it is in some Asian countries.

    Traveling around Nepal can be pretty dangerous in some ways. There is poor infrastructure, equipment, and safety measures that cause accidents from time to time.

    In many ways, you may opt to rent a private car from reputable transportation agencies or take a taxi instead.

    However, you need to be aware of some taxi drivers who might fool you. Make sure that you are charged enough within the meter. Be smart with it, keep your wits, and travel safely around the area without losing so much from your pocket.

    Health Protocols

    During these times, it is very important to protect yourself from the rising causes of illnesses that Nepal is currently facing. Make sure to purchase enough travel insurance and have yourself protected with vaccines beforehand.

    Remember that medical treatment is expensive in Nepal. Not to mention, their poor attempt at making almost everyone healthy.

    Also, if you are thinking about trekking in Nepal, pack yourself with medicine essentials such as antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, and more. This is to prevent yourself from following the footsteps of those adventurers who become unwell during the trek.

    You can also bring with you ready-mix food pouches that are prepared in a pouch made by a reputable packing pouch manufacturer. This ensures that your food is protected from the dirt and dust that might be around you.

    However, as we cannot predict the time, be assured that there are also clinics at the foot of the mountain in Kathmandu or Pokhara which offer a vast range of medication for further treatment.

    Safety Measures

    When traveling around Nepal or any country, your safety is not promised. Just like how it is in some other countries, Nepal is no exception for crimes, theft, and such.

    Make sure that you have kept your cards and wallets from different places, as a safety precaution in case you’ll become a victim of theft.

    Be mindful of the weather conditions when going to mountainous and hill regions, this way you can avoid being in a risky situation. Exercise extreme caution when walking down the pavements, Nepal has poor infrastructure and roads. It is best to prepare yourself for the bad regulations.

    Another thing, earthquakes are common in Nepal. See to it that you consulted your trip advisor with what to do in case of a large tremor. Lastly, do not trek alone.


    Reading through the article must make you feel overwhelmed with the fact that there are many things you need to prepare as a first-time traveler. However, even with the loaded information, it will surely give you an idea of the place you are about to visit and prevent yourself from any of the unspeakable happenings.

    It is best to prepare yourself with the things you need to watch out for but remember to enjoy the whole process of traveling. With that, you can get to know yourself better, meet new friends with the same hobbies, interact with locals, and immerse yourself in the new culture.

    The true essence of traveling is to enjoy the time you have with yourself with the adventure that awaits.

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