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    A Brief Guide To Creating a Capsule Wardrobe That You Love

    The excitement around fashion stems from its ever-evolving nature. Every new trend is met with wild appreciation or criticism from people across the globe. But at the same time, this obsession with trends and fast-fashion makes fashion one of the biggest polluting industries.

    Not to mention, continuously buying more and more clothes isn’t the best news for your savings account. Do you struggle to keep up with fashion trends? Are you looking for a sustainable and cost-effective way to style? Well, in that case, you need a capsule wardrobe!

    A capsule wardrobe can range from ten to fifty pieces. These pieces can be worn interchangeably to create several outfits. You can save so much time and energy every morning if every piece in your wardrobe goes with everything else. It’s also an excellent way to curb your shopping addiction.

    Don’t have the first clue about building a capsule wardrobe? Check out our expert guide and be on your merry way to fashion domination. Let’s get started.


    Has your wardrobe become a dumping ground for clothes you haven’t worn in ages? Consider this a reminder to discard those low-rise jeans you haven’t worn since freshman year in college.

    Give yourself clarity and space by decluttering your wardrobe. Our best tip is to try everything on to make a firm decision. Everything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit your style anymore has to go. You can donate these clothes to a charity or take them to a thrift store. Alternatively, you can also sell them on Depop.

    Staple Pieces

    Prepare a list of staple clothing pieces. The majority of your fashion budget should be invested in high-quality and well-fitted staple pieces. Everything else is secondary. These pieces should ideally last you a lifetime.

    Some staple pieces you should consider adding to your capsule wardrobe include:

    • A Solid White T-shirt
    • A Pair of High-Waisted Black Jeans
    • A Pair of Dark Wash Blue Jeans
    • A Pair of Tactical Pants
    • A Pair of Black Trousers
    • A Little Black Dress
    • A Button-Up Shirt
    • A Casual Summer Dress
    • A Denim Jacket
    • A Black Bodysuit
    • Simple Ballet Flats
    • Black/ Brown Ankle Boots
    • Black Strappy Heels

    These are some popular options. What constitutes as a wardrobe staple entirely depends on your taste and preferences.

    Color Palette

    In order to pick pieces that can be worn interchangeably, you can follow the easy rule of thumb of picking a color palette. By sticking to a color palette, you will be able to build a cohesive capsule wardrobe. Our best tip is to stick to neutrals such as blacks, greys, whites, and browns for your staples.

    You can vary your color choices according to the seasons. For instance, a pastel palette for the spring and a moody, rich palette for winter are great options.

    Focus on the Fit

    Even the most expensive couture piece won’t look good on you if it’s the wrong size. Always, always prioritize purchasing clothing that fits you well. If you love a piece, but it doesn’t fit you right, take it to a tailor and get it fixed. You’ll be surprised how much difference well-fitted clothes can make.


    Don’t let a neutral palette of staples bring down your fashion enthusiasm. Accessories are the best way to sprinkle joy into a capsule wardrobe. Picture this, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers with lots of layered gold jewelry. Any outfit can be spiced up with funky accessories!

    Start Slow

    Don’t rush into buying everything at once. Take your time to gradually create a capsule wardrobe you love.

    The Bottom Line

    Fashion is about expressing yourself however you want. So never feel ashamed to repeat an outfit that makes you feel confident and empowered.

    We hope this post inspires you to invest in a capsule wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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