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    Gut Instinct | Diet on a Cycle

    Do you know what the most important part of your body is? Some may think it’s the heart while others think it’s the brain. Although you can stake your claim that either one of these areas is most important, there is another one you are overlooking—the gut.

    And this includes the exterior part of the gut, but more importantly the part that you don’t see.

    Defining the Gut

    When you go through an HGH cycle, your gut is indirectly at play. Why and how? Well, here’s where you have to pay attention. To be more scientific, whenever you hear the word “gut,” think in terms of the area where you digest food and beverages.

    This is all made possible by way of healthy bacteria. You may also know this as flora or the microbiome. But technically, the microbiome is all the bacteria through your entire body. It just so happens that there is a lot of this bacteria in the stomach, so it is commonly associated with microbiome.

    It should stand to reason that, if you keep this area of your body healthy and firing on all cylinders, then the rest of your systems will fall into place as well. That is the truth partner! And then we come back to an HGH cycle.

    If the good bacteria in your gut is in great shape, then you have a better chance of getting equally great results from your HGH Diet cycle. And here are some ways to make this magic happen.

    #1. Include certain foods in your diet

    Are you familiar with prebiotic and probiotic foods? First of all, prebiotics are generally overlooked, but they are just as important as probiotics. They include foods like onions, asparagus, garlic, leeks, oats, bananas, apples and sunchokes.

    By eating these foods, you feed the existing probiotics in your gut, thus improving it’s health.

    Now, if you consume a ton of probiotic foods or take supplements, they won’t really amount to much help if you already suffer from poor gut health to start with. That’s why you should focus on getting the prebiotics in your diet on the reg.

    #2. Avoid simple sugars

    Nothing can put a stake in the chest of your gut health faster than consuming a high amount of simple sugars. These do the exact opposite of prebiotics. They literally kill the good bacteria!

    It is in your best interest to steer clear of the cakes, cookies, candy bars, bagels, white bread, sugary cereals and processed baked goods.

    Now, it’s fine to have a small amount of your favorite treats on a regular basis. But just don’t overdo it. That is when small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can occur. And the end result of that aint very pretty!

    You can end up with pain, diarrhea and constant discomfort. And that would defeat the purpose of your HGH injections because you are trying to improve your health, not threaten it.

    #3. Cut back on the alcohol

    This is a slight bit of a paradox. There are some alcoholic beverages that are fermented, which is good for your gut. But alcohol is also high in calories and it quickly converts to sugar when imbibed.

    And, people usually serial drink alcohol, which compounds the situation. Your best-case scenario is to have no more than two frosty adult beverages in any clip and make sure to slug down a plenitude of water right afterward.

    Then, you won’t do too much damage to your gut on the inside and you likely won’t add pounds of fat to it on the outside.

    #4. Throw in a 24-hour fast once a week

    Actually, this is being generous. It would behoove you even more if you could do two, 24-hour fasts a week. Why? Because it boosts the stem cells in your stomach, which are the powerhouse cells that keep your gut healthy.

    In fact, according to a study done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, age-related stem cell loss can be reversed by doing a 24-hour fast. This study was done with mice, but most studies are done with mice.

    The bottom line is, it definitely couldn’t hurt you to try. And fasting means you do not eat or drink anything that can spike your blood sugar. Since fat does not do this, you can technically be in a fasted state if you eat pure fat.

    But you still have to atone for the calories. And, your body still has to go through a digestive process. You are better served just doing a strict fast.

    For more information and guidance it could be helpful to get a fast-tracker app. For example, an app such as DoFasting helps not only to track your fasting schedule, but your calorie and water intake, which could aid in reaching your weight loss goals faster.

    Summing it all Up

    Your overall goal is to test out a cycle and live as healthy a lifestyle as you can. By strengthening your gut bacteria, you can do just that. Then all of your functions through the course of the day will be a lot easier and your body will strike a harmonious balance.

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