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    Health Benefits of Paella with Seafood That You Don’t Know

    Paella is the most favorite dish in any restaurant serving traditional Spanish food. When you think of Spain, the first thing that comes to mind is paella. Paella is a Spanish word that comes from Valencian. It means pan. This refers to both the recipe and the container in which it was cooked. One of the characteristics of this very traditional dish is that it has a history of at least 500 years. It used to be prepared by men.

    Paella is a dish that can be made in different ways. It provides various nutrients to our bodies. It is very healthy food. We can add paella to our healthy and balanced diet without any problem. Due to its variety of nutrients and properties, it is an ideal food that anyone can eat. So if you are craving a Spanish dish that is both delicious and healthy, then paella is the best option.

    Cooking and tasting this delicious dish has always been and remains a social event. Traditionally, paella is served in the same container it is cooked in (paella pan), and wooden spoons are used to prevent metal cutlery from interfering with the flavour of the rice.

    Nutritional value:

    As we all know, paella is made up of natural ingredients. It provides a lot of energy and nutrients. Paella is made with rice, meat, and vegetables. All these ingredients have high nutritional value.


    Rice is rich in fibre. They provide us vitamins B1, B2, and D. Rice contains minerals such as iron, calcium, or fibre that help our body reduce cholesterol. They also control blood pressure and prevent diseases such as cancer. Rice is necessary for our body as they provide essential amino acids. They help in improving metabolism and much more.


    The vegetables in the paella are also full of nutrients. Beans provide us with proteins that are essential for our body. They are also rich in fibre. Beans are very effective for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They are low in fats and high in carbohydrates. Only 100g of beans contains 315 kcal and 36.1g carbohydrates.


    Paella is made with seafood. Seafood is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They help us improve our vision, make the skin healthy and reduce cholesterol. Seafood like shellfish contains minerals (such as selenium, zinc, and iron) and vitamin A. Whitefish have the same properties as shellfish. They contain the same proteins and nutrients.

    Use of Fresh Ingredients:

    The taste of paella depends upon the freshness of ingredients. Paella is made with fresh rice, meat and fresh vegetables, which gives us an excellent taste. The more fresh ingredients we use in our dishes, the better the nutritional and culinary qualities of the final meal. So while eating paella, make sure it is made with fresh ingredients because it does not taste good if it is not made with fresh things.

    Rice Use In Paella:

    Another important thing you should know about paella is that there are over 6,000 different types of rice. But not all of them are the same and usable in paella; the best is Bahia rice, Bomba rice, Albufera, and Senia. They have the necessary characteristics to make delicious and unique paella. So make sure your paella is made up of one of these types of rice. These rice are very healthy and high in proteins.

    Use of paella during dieting:

    If you’re on a diet, you know how difficult it can be to stick to some of the top summer basic guidelines. Paella is a delicious dish, and you may want to eat it even if you’re on a diet and trying to lose some weight.

    It is generally estimated that 100 grams of traditional paella equal about 170 calories. Consequently, a 350-gram serving, which is usually found in stores and restaurants, provides the body with approximately 600 calories. Eating 100 grams of paella provides your body with 11g protein and 9g carbohydrates. Thus, paella is a very high-calorie dish, its meat or fish is a rich source of protein, and rice allows you to stay full for a long time.

    Low Fats:

    We all know that a delicious paella is made from meat that is totally fresh. If you are a lover of seafood, you know the health benefits of meat. They provide our body with proteins and essential nutrients. Seafood paella is rich in unsaturated fats. These fats are, in fact, very important for our health. These fats help us build muscle and give us energy throughout the day. You cannot enjoy the taste and same level of energy with any other Spanish food.

    Advantages of paella:

    Here are some benefits of paella that will make you fall in love with this dish:

    • The combination of rice, vegetables, meat or fish provides our body with most of the essential nutrients. That is why it is perfect as a single dish.
    • In most paellas, the presence of cholesterol and saturated fat is minimal. It helps to control the cholesterol level in our body.
    • Fish include in paellas contains essential proteins. And a perfect protein food is effective for people with cardiovascular disease. So we can say that It is a heart-healthy dish.
    • Rice and vegetables present in paellas provide the perfect amount of fibres that are healthy for our bodies.
    • It provides long-lasting energy.
    • Paella is a budget-friendly dish except for the one that includes seafood.
    • It is a unique dish that allows you to enjoy rice in different ways, for example, rice soup, wood-fired paella, seafood rice, and baked rice, etc.


    If you want to make paella at home then don’t worry. It is very easy to cook. All you need is the following ingredients:

    • 400 g of Rice
    • One red pepper
    • One chopped tomato
    • Two garlic cloves
    • Six tablespoons of olive oil
    • Two tablespoons of parsley
    • 300 g of monkfish
    • 250 grams of mussels
    • 150 gram of calamari rings
    • Twelve prawns
    • 5 lt of salt
    • And few saffrons


    First, heat the broth in a large pan and stir in the saffron. Then heat the oil in a paella pan and add monkfish, calamari rings and prawns in it. Fry them for 1 to 2 minutes. Then add red pepper, followed by the diced tomato adding the sweet paprika and garlic everything together. Then Reduce the flame and add the rice to it. Pour in the hot broth and boil it for 3to 4 minutes. Then add all reserved seafood and fish. Add salt according to your taste. Slow down the heat until all the liquid gets absorbed by the rice. Paella is ready to serve.


    Valencian paella is one of the most popular foods in many countries around the world. It is suitable for people with gluten and lactose intolerance. No doubt, paella is a delicious dish with excellent satiety and value. Anyone can afford it as it is budget-friendly. It is easy to cook. You can enjoy this dish without compromising on your diet plan.

    So make sure to try out this amazing dish whenever you visit valencia. Or you can just go to the nearby restaurant to try this amazing dish.

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