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    Home Remedies for Cars That You Can Actually Do Yourself

    There are a lot of rules and laws you have to follow when it comes to operating a vehicle and maintaining it. For example, you have to pass a licensing test in order to get a license to operate a vehicle legally, and many repairs must be done by a qualified mechanic.

    Owning a vehicle can be frustrating because it’s easy to feel like you have to schedule an appointment with a mechanic or a body shop every time there’s something wrong with your car. The truth is, there are quite a few things you can do yourself when it comes to making sure your vehicle looks its best. These ideas don’t require any fancy tools either!

    Use Toothpaste to Fix Foggy Headlights

    Headlights get foggy over time. That’s just what happens when they’re exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, foggy headlights can make your vehicle look old. Not to mention, foggy headlights interfere with your ability to see when your lights are on.

    There’s no need to replace them. Instead, clean your headlights with toothpaste! You literally only need a little toothpaste, a rag, and some water to rinse your headlights with when you’re done. In just minutes, your headlights will look like new!

    Hand Sanitizer Can Remove Tree Sap

    Many of us park our cars under trees. It’s a great way to keep the interior of the car nice and cool on a hot day, but it also increases your chances of driving away in a car that is covered in tree sap.

    If you’ve ever taken a brush and some soap to tree sap, you know that getting rid of it isn’t that easy. Fortunately, it doesn’t require the help of a professional. You just have to know what materials to use!

    Did you know that hand sanitizer has some amazing uses besides sanitizing your hands? A few interesting applications for hand sanitizer include:

    • Cleaning cell phone screens
    • Treating pimples
    • Fixing flyaways
    • Cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses

    It turns out, hand sanitizer makes quick work of tree sap too! Simply rub a little bit on sappy spots with a rag and wipe away any trace of the tree sap in seconds!

    Get Rid of Bumper Stickers with Vinegar

    Bumper stickers are a great way for businesses to advertise. They’re a great way for you to express yourself too, but what do you do if you don’t want those bumper stickers on your car anymore?

    Removing stickers from any surface can be a nightmare. You could sit there for hours using your thumbnail to scrape away all the sticker glue. Or, you could use vinegar!

    Just like hand sanitizer, vinegar has wonderful uses around the house. It can be used to clean counter tops, it can kill weeds, it can keep cut flowers fresh, and it can get your dishes cleaner. It turns out, it can get rid of those pesky bumper stickers too! Simply pour vinegar on a rag, saturate the bumper sticker for 15 minutes, then use a credit card to scrape the sticker away once and for all.

    Fix Dents with Hot Glue

    Have dents in your car? It’s true that large dents will need to be taken care of by a professional, especially if the dent is large enough to have chipped some paint, but not all dents are created equal. Surface dents are surprisingly easy to get rid of, with hot glue no less!

    With a little patience and an internet connection, you can learn how to remove small dents with a hot glue gun.

    Clean up Oil Spills with Cat Litter

    Having a car means dealing with oil spills. That’s especially the case if you’re learning how to change your own oil.

    That oil doesn’t have to stain the concrete in your garage or driveway. You can take care of oil spills quickly and easily with cat litter.

    While the oil spill is still wet, cover it in cat litter. Let is sit overnight and simply sweep away the mess in the morning. If there’s still a little staining left behind, use grease-fighting dish detergent on the spot to clean up the rest of the mess.

    If your car needs to have its brakes replaced or you’re looking to repaint your vehicle, you should definitely seek help from a professional. However, not all problems require a professional touch. Check your kitchen, closet, or bathroom, and chances are, you have what you need to take care of all the problems on this list!

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