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    Home Remodeling Ideas that will Increase the Value of our Home

    Everyone who has a home would love to be able to resell it for a good profit if that’s ultimately their intention. Making renovations or additions to a home can be a way to do that, but in many cases, people assume that some additions would be a no brainier and instantly make the home more attractive and valuable. But in reality, they could end up either making a massive loss, or making the home even less sell-able.

    This is why you have to be careful when choosing options, and pay special attention to the market and not simply your personal taste or assumptions. You should also consult professionals like those from before you go ahead to renovate your home. Here are a few renovation ideas that can increase the value of your property, and those that won’t.

    Solar Panels

    Installing solar panels can be a surefire way to increase the value of your property, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of sunshine. Not only will people love the idea of being able to save on energy, they’ll also appreciate the ability to make money from their property as well by feeding energy back into the grid.

    If you want to add solar panels to your home, however, you have to make sure that you deal with a reputable supplier. Companies like Semper Solaris can not only help you with solar panel installation and solar repair, but they are also experts in heating and air conditioning as well as roofing. You could have everything done at once, and they’re known for their great service and support team. They also offer state of the art battery storage solutions that will allow you to use and store any solar energy generated during the day and use it 24/7.

    Elaborate Kitchen Builds

    Not everyone wants a kitchen worthy of a 5-star Michelin steakhouse, so before you start pouring money into an expensive kitchen rebuild, there are some things you’ll have to consider first.

    For one, does it match the rest of the house? If you have a Victorian style house, then you don’t want that ultra-modern and glossy kitchen to clash with the rest of the house’s style and your neighborhood. This is exactly the type of renovation that could not only cost you tons of money, but make the house even harder to sell.

    Why not do some minor work instead? If your kitchen needs a new range, this is an area where you can splurge. A nice and clean new range will elevate pretty much any kitchen and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Having the cabinets repainted could also be a great move that won’t cost you much. Adding new fixtures or investing in new appliances could also be great ways to remodel the kitchen on the cheap.

    Smart Bathroom Adjustments

    Simplicity and thriftiness can also come in handy when remodeling a bathroom. Forget investing in costly counter-tops – you could easily build a vintage vanity using reclaimed furniture instead. If that’s too much of an effort for you, or you’re not a fan of the vintage look, then doing something as simple as framing the mirror could make a huge difference.

    The last thing you want to do, however, is start moving things around. Moving major components will add complexity and cost to any project, so try to go with features that will respect the bathroom’s current configuration.

    You should also try to go easy with the tiling and consider other options as well, such as LVT for instance. LVT, which stands for luxury vinyl tile, is still a rather unknown material, but it is gaining in popularity and has tons of benefits. While they have “luxury” as part of their name, they can be very accessible and are used to replicate the look of natural materials.

    For instance, LVTs are often used to create the illusion of wooden floors in areas where they could be problematic, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Wood in bathrooms is usually avoided because of the risk for warping, but LVTs could allow you to get the appearance of hardwood floors and wow visitors.

    Extensive Exterior Water Features

    While you may love that greco romain fountain you have, or that lovely tiki inspired waterfall and assorted koi pond, prospective buyers might be less than impressed by them. For one, most people like to imagine building their own backyard, as it tends to be a very personal area for them. Some might need something simpler, or more space for their kids. Others might not even want water features at all.

    The other issue is maintenance. Some may actually like the setup, but might be turned off by how much care it will require. So, if we were to give you one piece of advice, it would be to keep the backyard as simple as possible.

    Build a Deck

    However, if there’s an addition that will usually be a winner for most people, it would be a deck. But more importantly, what makes adding a deck such a great decision is that it is one of the most affordable additions that you can make.

    Anyone with even minimal handy skills could build one on their own and push the costs even lower. Most people will prefer a home with a deck than one without, so this is one of the safest and most profitable changes that you can make.

    Stay true to your vision when building this deck—that is, creating a functional and beautiful space for the family. At the same time, think of what the future owners of the home may need. An underdeck room with a waterproof ceiling provides additional comfort and convenience. You may have more ideas to make the deck an even more valuable part of your home.

    Whirlpool Baths

    A lot of people love whirlpool baths and can’t imagine why anyone else wouldn’t. But that’s one of these cases where personal preferences could actually end up hurting you. Not only are some people not big fans of whirlpool baths, some don’t even take baths at all. But you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like a nice closet shower, however.

    Even in the case that a buyer actually likes the bathtub, you won’t be able to charge a premium for it, and will probably not recoup the costs. Not only do these things cost a lot to install, but you might have to make some extra additions like getting a new water heater for them to work properly.

    Curb Appeal

    One of the areas where you can make the most gains by spending the least is by making renovations that will add to your home’s curb appeal. This could be having the asphalt resurfaced, or adding something as simple as railing planters and a small container garden on the front porch. Even small additions like a nice colorful door and brand-new shiny house numbers and mailbox could be enough to make your house pop.

    Make sure that you fix every crack, pull every weed, and paint every spot that needs it before you think about putting your house on the market. You could also consider fixing outdoor lighting fixtures or having new ones installed. These are all things that will impress people from the minute they get there and set a good first impression about the house.

    So, before you decide to make home renovations to make the house more attractive on the market and increase value, make sure that you consider costs, your prospective buyers, and where you live first. These will allow you to avoid a lot of mistakes, and make sure that you sell the house as fast as possible and get a return on your investment.

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