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    How Can People Save Up To 70% on Dental Care in Hungary?

    Hungary is a prominent country in Central Europe, which is highly developed economically, culturally, and academically. However, the main reputation of this country is for its cost-effective dental treatment, for which it is stated as the Center of Dental Tourism. Hence, numerous patients suffering from various dental problems travel from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, and the USA to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Since dental treatment costs are very high in all these countries, common people expect to save a large amount of money by availing dental care in Budapest.

    Prime reasons for availing dental treatments in Budapest

    Low-cost high quality dental care – The costs of dental treatments of all types are much lower in Hungary, compared to other European countries and other regions of the world. Hence, people arriving here from other English-speaking countries can expect to save up to 70% of the money that would be needed for similar kinds of dental care in their own countries.  Dental treatment is very expensive in many countries of Western Europe and, for which citizens of those places prefer to save money by availing low-cost dental care in Hungary.

    The cheaper prices of all types of treatments, as well as the affordable fees of dentists, are the main causes of attractive low costs of dental treatments in Budapest and other Hungarian cities.

    Very competitive prices :

    A common dental implant based tooth replacement for one tooth that includes a screw, an abutment and a crown may cost between 700 – 900GBP/900 – 1,200EUR in Budapest while it costs not less than 2,200GBP/2,600EUR in any other European country. If a 3 tooth gap needs to be replaced with an implant retained bridge, it can be done with a bridge fitted on 2 implants. This bridge totally costs approximately 1,600 – 1,900GBP/2,100-2,600EUR in Hungary while this cost will go up to 6,600GBP/7,800EUR in other European countries. And All-on-4 solutions are available for one jaw as of 4,200GBP/5,500EUR in Budapest.

    The costs of porcelain or zirconium crowns and veneers are 40 – 70% lesser than that available in the countries of Western Europe, where cosmetic dentistry is too expensive. This is why people go to Hungary for cosmetic dental care to improve their smile in case they are not satisfied with the shape, size or alignment of their front teeth.

    Tax relief in own country :

    Since Hungary is a part of the European Union, some European countries offer tax relief to a considerable percentage, on showing valid documents of dental treatments in Hungary. So, along with the very competitive dental prices further savings are possible. Ireland offers a 20% tax refund to its citizens when they produce all the medical documents that support their claims of being treated in the dental clinics of Hungary. Patients need to check all the rules and regulations in their own countries, to know what types of dental treatments are eligible for a tax refund. Irish patients get this tax refund at the end of the financial year, after submitting all the required papers of Hungarian dental care.

    On the other hand, Social Security of France offers an accurate assessment of tax relief due to the nature of dental care in Hungary, only after submitting the original documents provided to patients in Hungarian dental clinics. However, other European countries do not have any government rule regarding tax benefit on Hungarian dental treatment; but their citizens still can save money through their medical insurance policies that cover dental care in Hungary. Upon request clinics fill out all documents for patients for refund after dental care.

    Further reasons of Hungary’s high reputation in the circle of dental tourism patients.

    Easy availability of implants :


    The placement of dental implant is the most common treatment needed by most of the patients suffering from various dental problems. Often, the worn out or damaged teeth need to be replaced with implant based solutions. People also like replacements for their teeth lost due to old age, diseases or some accidents.

    Various kinds of dental implants include the titanium screws replacing missing teeth. The dental screw is the basis of a tooth replacement solution. If you just need a single tooth replacement, then an abutment is placed in the screw and a crown is fitted. If you have some missing teeth in a row, then a bridge will be placed on the implants, inserted at both ends of the tooth gap. This solution is known as implant retained bridge. If you have a toothless mouth, then some screws are placed in the jaw and a fixed denture is placed on the screws known as All-on-4 treatment concept.

    All these dental implants are also needed for cosmetic dental care, as a person looks weird with a missing or damaged tooth. Implants are available at a very low price, but in high quality in Hungary, compared to all other countries of the world.

    Faster dental treatment :

    All dental clinics in Hungary make sure to complete the dental treatments of their foreign patients as soon as possible so that they do not need to stay for long here. Thus, these patients can save the money required for their accommodations in Hungary, in hotels, home stay, or lodging in Budapest or other Hungarian cities.

    Even complicated dental procedures are completed within 5 – 7 days, however treatments require oral surgeries take two visits to Hungary, because in between stages of treatment recovery time is needed.  Patients after bone grafting, sinus lift or placement of implants need a second visit after they are completely healed from the initial surgery.

    Full mouth restorations for both arches without oral surgeries may need up to 8-10 days’ time over only one visit.

    Partnerships with foreign clinics :

    Some reputed dental clinics of Budapest are commercially tied up with other dental clinics of the UK, Ireland or other nearby European countries. The widespread fame of dental tourism in Hungary has led to these tie-ups that are beneficial for patients as well. Thus, patients from these countries can keep visiting these dental clinics in their own countries for check-ups, after the initial dental treatment in Budapest.

    They can also undergo the primary clinical consultation for diagnosis, which helps them get an idea of cost of dental care in Hungary. This facility has further inspired dental tourism and people get the best dental care with the help of the latest technologies in Budapest.

    Complex consultation packages :

    However, foreign clinic partnership option is very limited and just a very few clinics provide it occasionally. This is why clinics offer complex consultation packages in Budapest with lots of additional free services for foreign patients. This is the way to get a 100% accurate treatment plan as all dental specialists and equipment are available at the Budapest clinic.

    Dental treatment packages :

    Now, there are dental tourism agencies that are active online and can be contacted through their websites. These agencies offer compact support to dental tours, including getting the medical expense required in dental clinics, and support to booking flight tickets and accommodation. Usually, affordable rates are offered in these packages, based on the type of dental treatment needed by patients in Hungary. These reliable agencies also take care of the comfort and safety of their foreign clients so that they can experience the best dental care at the minimum costs in this country.

    It is better to check the quotations from multiple dental tourism agencies and clinics and compare all the costs, to avail the best suitable one for a person. A foreigner also needs to check if the recommended dentist can speak their mother tongue or if an interpreter is available at that clinic, mainly if he is unable to speak English. All the required documents should be collected from that clinic before leaving this country after the treatment is over.

    So, you should double-check you have your treatment records, invoices, and panoramic x-rays or 3D scans along with hotel and flight invoices. These all can be useful if you need some minor treatment at your local dentist or you want to arrange refund after care abroad.

    There are lots of advantages of dental care in Hungary but it is advised to do some research in order to get the best results.

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