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    How Do You Revive a Dead Motorcycle Battery?

    Just like an auto battery, your motorcycle battery is critical to keeping your two-wheeled ride moving forward. A dead battery not only means no headlights or radio, but it also prevents you from starting your motorcycle engine.

    Here are a few steps you can take to revive and care for your bike battery.

    When you have a dead battery, it may be time for a replacement. The best way to check and see if your dead battery is capable of being revived is with a battery tester. These handy devices will tell you whether your battery is charged or drained. It will also tell you whether the battery is capable of being charged again.

    If you can still charge your battery, then put on safety gear and carefully remove the battery. Connect it to a charger until it’s charged enough to start your engine. Be sure to keep your bike running for a while to make sure it fully charges your battery before shutting it off.

    How To Care for a Worn Battery

    Worn motorcycle batteries need to be handled carefully to reduce the risk of damage or injury. As a battery ages, it not only reduces its power capabilities, but also increases the risk of a leak or other issue. Most motorcycle batteries are lead-acid batteries, either 6 volt or 12 volt. Any leaking liquid is highly acidic and can cause burns.

    Care for your worn battery by frequently having it tested, perform visual inspections and use proper safety gear when handling it. Dispose of it at a trusted recycling station in your area or at a participating auto parts store.

    How To Extend Your Motorcycle’s Battery Life

    In the past, motorcycle batteries could be opened up and liquid could be added to the cells. This was a standard maintenance task, but is mostly outdated advice. Most motorcycle batteries are sealed, which means you can’t open them up or add liquid.

    Instead, extend the life of your motorcycle battery by installing the right battery, keeping it charged and spotting the signs of a dead battery. Batteries don’t last forever, so you’ll need to replace your battery after three to five years of use.

    Check your owner’s manual for the proper size and cold-cranking amps for your motorcycle. Draining your battery even once can seriously reduce its efficiency and lifespan.

    If possible, try to store your motorcycle in a warm location. Cold starts require more power from your battery, and long-term storage can cause it to slowly drain.

    Use a trickle charger if you’re going to store your battery for two months or more without use. Otherwise, you may get your bike out and be greeted by a dead battery.

    Shop for Motorcycle Batteries and Accessories Today

    Once it’s time to retire your motorcycle or car battery, turn to a local auto parts store or shop for a new battery online. When your motorcycle or car battery dead, it’s time to order a new one and safely recycle your old one. Enjoy great prices, long-lasting warranties and reliable brands from a trusted auto parts store.

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