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    How Post-Workout Supplements Work ?

    Discover how to reduce degradation and enhance protein synthesis, essential elements in muscle growth with these tips for taking post-workout supplements that will favor the post-training process.

    The recovery of the muscles after a session of demanding exercises is not a complicated task. These tips for taking post workout supplements will help you recover more; they will also favor the growth of muscle mass.

    After a training session, the body raises cortisol levels – it is a stress hormone that degenerates the muscles. It is necessary to stop this process and even reverse it – it helps you restore energy levels.

    Eat or not eat right after training?

    Quite often you have to hear such a question, why do we need to drink amino acids, whey protein, and a gainer after training if all these products turn into glucose in one way or another during gluconeogenesis? It may be better to eat and not translate expensive sports nutrition products that way. I answer: firstly, any food will be digested for a sufficiently long time, and when amino acids from the food finally arrive in the destroyed muscle fibers after 2-2.5 hours, this will lose all meaning since by this time muscle catabolism will reach incredible proportions. Secondly, after training, it is extremely important to retain as much blood as possible in the muscle fibers.

    By-products of metabolism (lactic acid, ammonia) are removed from the blood from muscle fibers. And the faster the muscle fiber gets rid of metabolic by-products, the faster and stronger the anabolic processes unfold in it. On the other hand, the more blood remains in your muscles, the more nutrients they receive for recovery and growth. If after eating you have eaten, all your blood from the muscles rushes to the stomach to ensure the process of digesting food. I think it is clear that in this case the whole picture is immediately violated.

    Essential post-workout sports nutrition products

    The main essentials of post sports nutritional products include:

    • BCAA 10 minutes before the end of the workout, 10-15 g.
    • Whey protein (concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate) immediately after training, 1.5 – 2 scoops (36-48 g).
    • A gainer (protein-carbohydrate mixture) 15-20 minutes after taking the protein (portion size based on 1 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight).

    Drink a lot of water

    Drink lots of water, an average of 3 liters per day if you are training hard. Water participates in protein synthesis, the storage of glycogen (which binds to water in muscle tissue), the breakdown of fatty acids, the cooling of the body and hundreds of other directly related reactions. Performance, recovery and mass gain. The loss of body fluids through perspiration can result in more or less significant dehydration, which will negatively affect recovery. Hence the importance of being hydrated regularly and sufficiently. Let’s look into some common post-workout supplements and why they are amazing.

    Beta-Alanine – Efficacy:

    During muscle contractions, the body produces “metabolic waste” called hydronium ions. By accumulating inside the muscles, these eventually generate an increasing burning sensation, eventually leading to the rupture stage. Beta-alanine helps delay the phenomenon by delaying the accumulation of hydronium ions. The duration of the effort, but also its intensity, can then be increased and the stage of muscular fatigue pushed back. Studies suggest that beta-alanine helps increase strength and power, improve endurance and recovery, and even boost fat loss and muscle growth. When beta-alanine and creatine are combined, their respective effects are potentiated.

    One of the best times to supplement with beta-alanine is right after training when the muscle fibers are particularly receptive to nutrients.

    Betaine HCl – Efficacy:

    Research has suggested that supplementation with betaine HCl contributes to an increase in the NO level in the body, which promotes muscle density and growth. Research has also shown that an intake of betaine HCl can help significantly improve the level of muscle strength and resistance to exercise, and even endurance. Experts from the University of Connecticut (United States) said that supplementing with betaine HCl at 1.25 g twice a day for two weeks helped increase muscle strength by 25% the bench press. Taking betaine HCl also contributes to a significant increase in protein synthesis after exercise, which promotes the renewal of muscle fibers.

    L-Carnitine – Efficacy:

    L-Carnitine facilitates the use of fatty tissue for energy production. This is particularly important when you know that fat is the most abundant energy source in the body and that it provides twice as much energy per gram as carbohydrates or protein. This increase in the use of fat makes it possible to improve performance capacity and delay muscle fatigue while preserving the precious reserves of amino acids and glycogen in the muscles. But experts have established that L-Carnitine also helps optimize recovery both during and after physical exertion while minimizing damage to muscles.

    In a recent clinical study at a renowned university, subjects supplemented with only 1 g of L-Carnitine tartrate recorded an improvement in post-exercise muscle recovery. Experts have found a decrease in the production of free radicals, a reduction in muscle damage and body aches after exercise after 3 weeks of L-carnitine supplementation.

    Taurine – Effectiveness:

    Taurine enhances the ability of muscles to contract faster and more forcefully. Its level in muscle tissue must remain high during training in order to preserve the performance capacity of the muscles. Studies confirm that taurine also promotes improved muscle endurance. Research has indeed shown that, compared to the placebo group, subjects taking a drink containing taurine before the session could perform more repetitions of the bench press. Taurine can also make muscles grow by drawing more fluids into muscle cells (like creatine does). This is better cellular hydration and not a water retention effect.


    Get the optimum results of your training for yourself with this post-workout supplements guide. When your body is completely exhausted after an intense workout, it needs to recover through proper nutrition and rest. Post-workout supplements work perfectly in favor of your recovery and help you achieve the results that you have planned.

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