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    How To Choose a Good Photography Studio for Your Wedding? 

    Photography studios abound, Every area has many but a wedding is such a special occasion, that when considering a photography studio for a wedding, getting one that is experienced in wedding photography, or that is focused only on wedding photography and therefore a specialist in this, can make an enormous difference in the quality of the photographs.

    The photographs are a couple’s cherished memories and a good wedding photography studio can and will make these cherished memories seem alive for the lifetime of the marriage.  Wedding photography also can include engagement photos, announcement photos, invitation photos and other keepsake memories such as albums and other memorabilia both before the actual wedding and after the wedding.  It is, like all photography, a form of commercial photography and prices can vary as much as the quality of the photography.

    Hundreds of thousands of wedding photography vendors exist literally, with portfolios and offerings from extravagant to simply basic.cThe prices also can be much different from one vendor to another and sites exist specifically to help couples find what they are looking for in their own areas.

    Typing in a location and doing a search through portfolios is the first step.  A face to face meeting with the photographer should also occur since a couple’s cherished moments are at risk if a wedding photographer does not take good pictures or provide other memorabilia items that a couple was expecting.

    For couples that elope or want a combination honeymoon and wedding, Las Vegas, Nevada is still considered the “Wedding Capital” of the world, and many couples choose this route as there are package plans available to them which include wedding photography. The packages can range from traditional style weddings with an elegant feel to more “chic” and clever packages, which can include wedding packages with Elvis Presley or other celebrity entertainers. The packages almost always include wedding photography by a photographer with experience in this field.

    While there are no real regulations in place for a wedding photography studio, couples should look for at least some type of training in this field, and dependability by a photographer. Having a family or friend take quick snapshots may very well lead to grief and disappointment if special memories are not captured. Similarly, a photographer that lacks experience or the proper equipment for wedding photography can take a couples’ money and leave them with nothing to show for it and a total loss also of their memories.

    No one can go back and “redo” that special moment so choosing wisely and doing research before choosing is imperative. Friends and relatives are a great place to start for referrals and if a couple likes the wedding photos done for someone else’s wedding, they can start their search for the perfect wedding photography studio right then and there by contacting the same individual.

    Wedding photography studios or photography studios that do weddings face special challenges:

    •  The weather, because many photo shoots do include outdoor shots.
    • The individuals that are to be included in shoots.  A list of shots and wedding guests to be included by the couple should be provided.
    • A back up photographer if the original person should become ill and can’t make the shoot.
    • Specialized equipment for different types of lighting situations since the venues for the wedding and the venues for the celebration afterwards can have very different lighting needs.
    • A tripod to stabilize the camera.
    • A talent and an eye for good camera shots.  This is crucial!
    • A space to effectively produce the camera shots afterwards.
    • A portfolio of photographs, especially wedding photographs, if this is a studio’s target market.

    Starting a photography business especially one that focuses on weddings can be difficult.  Brides and grooms are emotional, the families involved can be stressed out and emotional and a good wedding photography studio must have the energy and personality to deal with the demands of wedding photography. Photography and starting a photography studio can be a lucrative business and it’s one that is burgeoning, especially in the area of wedding photography.

    However, the time and energy, plus patience to create a successful wedding photography studio must be considered as it’s not an easy job by any means.  Much goes into it and those that do succeed are rewarded with many monetary and emotional rewards.

    However, those that lack patience or skill will find starting a wedding photography studio very difficult and perhaps should steer clear of this market and focus their talents elsewhere.  While lucrative, it can involve a lot of work, and for the most part, weekend work.  If other priorities exist on weekends, a wedding photography studio can soon become burdensome for the owners.

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