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    How to Choose Among the Many Gymnastics Leotards for Girls

    Like any other kind of apparel, leotards come in many different styles, colors, and patterns. Read this guide to help you choose gymnastics leotards.

    Every gymnast is bound to have numerous gymnastics leotards in her closet. A leotard is not only worn for competitions but also practice. It is typical for these leotards to come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, which can make the shopping experience a bit overwhelming for some. Rather than stressing out about what kind of leotard you should buy for your gymnast, follow this helpful guide and be confident about your selection.

    Choose the Right Style

    Gymnastics leotards come in many different styles. It is important to choose a style that you are comfortable in. The fit is likely to be a big factor, but so is the cut of the leotard itself. Most leotards have a “swimsuit” fit. Here are just a few of the many possible styles:


    This is one of the most popular styles when it comes to leotards. There are no straps, and they have a secure fit.

    Short Sleeve

    A common t-shirt fit that is flattering.

    Long Sleeve

    Typically, the long-sleeve gymnastics leotards are worn for competitions but are also suitable for practice wear. The long sleeves help keep your muscles warm and may help performance.

    Tank Top

    For those girls who need a bit more coverage in the bust area, this leotard is ideal. The straps are thick and provide support.


    This is a common leotard option for younger girls or boys.

    The styles go on and vary in terms of design and detail. Once you choose a style of leotard that you like and feel comfortable in, you can pick from the various available patterns. From plain to wild and expressive, you can find one that is suitable for you. Keep in mind that checking with your coach and the rules of the competition is crucial as you want to abide by any dress codes.

    Get the Proper Fit

    So, you now that you have chosen a leotard style that works for you, it is time to get the proper fit. The answer to how gymnastics leotards for girls should fit varies, but once again, being comfortable is important. If the fit is too tight, it can be uncomfortable or restricting, whereas one that is too loose can be dangerous as it can get caught in equipment.

    In most cases, you can tell if a leotard is too big or too small just by looking at it. One that is big may bunch up in certain areas like your waist or have straps that fall. Whereas the one that is too small may be hard to move in or simply be hard to put on.

    There should be a difference between the fit of your practice and competition leotards. Most practice leotards are worn and washed often. The gymnast is likely to wear them more than once, which means that they should have some growing room. A little bit of extra space isn’t a bad thing, but too much can be unappealing and cause problems. Competition leotards, on the other hand, should have more of a fitted look. They should be tight, but not restrictive. With a sleek fit, the judges will be able to see the precision and the muscle definition.

    Measuring the gymnast for their leotard before going shopping can help you get the right fit. Getting the exact measurements of the chest, waist, hips, inseam, and girth are what you need.

    Focus on Durability

    Chances are that you will be doing more in your leotard than taking a walk in the park. Your gymnast is likely to be bending, twisting, flipping, and more, so having a leotard that can withstand this kind of activity is key. You don’t want to be at practice – or on the competition floor – and go through a wardrobe malfunction because you chose a leotard with low durability.

    When exploring the different options of leotards, have your gymnast try on a few. Have her do a couple of movements and ensure the durability is what you expect.

    The style options are endless for gymnastics leotards, and they are considered to be fun ways to express yourself, whether at practice or competition. Choose a style and fit. Paying attention to durability is crucial, so make sure that you focus on every detail and what makes the gymnast happy.

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