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    How to Choose Best Fitting Dress Shirt for Women

    We all are different from each other not only on the basis of mind-sets and habits, but also on the basis of our appearance. Our body types are different from each other as the shape and structures vary in multiple ways. Choosing dress accordingly is a difficult task no matter how much good you are at this. Not every type of dress could be worn at all the events and places. We can’t go with a very fancy look at an office actually. There are some basic norms set for the dress code of the employees at offices and work place. For women, they are asked to wear women’s dress shirts, skirts and dress pants. How choosing the right size and color could be confusing because wearing too tight and too loose at work signify that you are not fully motivated and responsible enough to work seriously. The selection of best fitting women’s dress shirts requires a complete guideline according to different body types of women, so here is a complete guide to choose one for you.

    Choose according to your body shape

    It is very compulsory to wear a dress shirt which really looks like made for you. The wrong one can cause bad impressions at your colleagues and all the people working there. Before going to your office you must clear that the shirt you are wearing is properly fit to your body type. Having an hour glass figure requires the semi fit and fit shirts which do not hide your curves and maintain the beauty of your physique. If you have a pear shaped figure or the athletic one, then look for the most appropriate sizes which look fit at your waist and shoulders. The wrong dress  shirt can’t look good at a figure totally different to that which you actually have. So search for the appropriate shaped dress shirt and if you find difficulty in finding one, consult with the designers and the brand employees to help you out with this matter.

    Take measurements

    Before going to the shopping, take your complete measurements of the arms, shoulders, waist, neck and all the other body parts. The wrong measurement can lead you to the selection of wrong shirt which is a disaster. The art of choosing a fit dress shirt involves taking complete measurements and finding the appropriate size for your body type. Do not make a hurry in taking measurements and it would be much better to ask someone else take measurements. Doing this can help you get even better measurements because most of the times, measurements taken by ourselves so not really match with the actual measurements of our body. That is why you should be conscious while taking the initial most step of finding the right size and fit dress shirt. Note down your measurements on a paper because they never tend to stay in the memory of most of the people. That is why always keep the measurement chart when you go shopping.

    Choose appropriate and comfortable

    Do not go for those shirts which make you uncomfortable and you find it hard to function well. The first most property of every person is to wear the comfortable and easy clothes, that is why you just choose a dress shirt in which you feel light and easy. Mostly the women can handle and deal with the fashion trends but not every woman could be habitual of doing so. Being a woman, you can find the best fit dress shirt according to your body type and comfort level. As the plus sized clothes have introduced for those women who have the larger size, this step implies that the comfort is also a thing in the fashion. If you are bulky and do not fit into a particular size, you may choose a size bigger than your body type so that you feel easy while sitting, moving and working at the office.

    So these were the three guidelines which any woman can follow while choosing a fit dress shirt for herself. Staying formal could never be so comfortable and easy until and unless you follow these smart tips to choose a best dress shirt that fits your body.

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