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    How To Choose The Best CBD Delivery Method: Tinctures, Creams, and Oils

    CBD is a type of cannabinoid compound found in hemp plants which contain no more than 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Because of its trace THC content, CBD is an effective alternative treatment over prescription and over-the-counter medications for treating the signs and symptoms of different medical conditions. When it comes to cannabidiol or CBD preparations, the most common ones include oils, creams, and tinctures.

    But how would you choose the best delivery method for your needs? Continue reading below to find out more.

    Know the Most Convenient Method

    People have different preferences when it comes to CBD administration. For some, taking the best CBD oil or tincture for a sublingual route is easier and more discreet, while others prefer ingesting CBD edibles as a fun and appetizing way to take their daily dose of CBD.

    Vaping CBD oil is another trend, which is a quick way to feel the relaxing effects of CBD. CBD creams are preferred by those who want to take advantage of the skin benefits of CBD or those who want to feel the gradual absorption of CBD into the body.

    Consider the Desired Effects

    When achieving the desired effects of CBD, the important factors a person needs to take into consideration include their weight, metabolism, the dosage of CBD, and how it is consumed.

    For instance, CBD tinctures are made from high CBD hemp strains with up to 7 percent alcohol content. It is used to ease pain and relieve anxiety. Also, CBD tinctures have a long shelf life and are easily absorbed in the mucous membranes of the mouth under the tongue.

    Consider the Onset and Duration of Effects

    Cannabidiol won’t stay in your system for over a week, regardless of how CBD is administered. While many people want to feel the immediate effects of CBD, some prefer to have the effects be delayed.

    It’s important to consider the onset of effects and how CBD will last so that you can choose the best method that will target the signs and symptoms you want to reduce or eliminate, such as pain, nausea, vomiting, seizure, insomnia, stress, or anxiety.

    Here are the different ways to take cannabis and their onset of effects:

    • The fastest method of taking CBD is through sublingual routes, wherein the onset of effects can be noticed two to four minutes after vaping or taking a few drops of CBD under the tongue.
    • CBD vaping also has a faster onset (two to three minutes), like the sublingual route. It is suitable for those who want to mimic smoking while taking advantage of the therapeutic effects of CBD.
    • CBD infused foods and beverages, such as cookies, oatmeal bars, gummy bears, and brownies, take longer to kick in as compared to other methods because cannabidiol passes are metabolized by the liver first or “first-pass effect” before the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream.

    CBD cream, or any other topical preparation that is directly applied to the skin such as balms, salves, and ointments, has its desired effect take place after 90 minutes.

    Determine the Medical Condition You Want to Treat

    It’s crucial to determine the signs and symptoms you want CBD to treat so that you can choose the best delivery method for your condition. Because the sublingual route has a faster onset, it’s highly recommended in treating stress, headache, migraine, and anxiety.

    Here are the different CBD delivery methods and some examples of the recommended medical conditions they treat:

    • Vaping CBD is recommended for those who have an intolerance to CBD edibles and oral ingestion of CBD. It is used to treat people who are suffering from insomnia, most especially those who are used to smoking. Also, vaping CBD is beneficial for those who have anxiety disorders, reducing stress and panic attacks with its fast onset relaxing effects (within two to three minutes).
    • CBD gummy bears and CBD tinctures are recommended for those who have flight anxiety. If you want immediate effects, CBD tinctures taken sublingually is recommended, while CBD gummies can be taken at the hotel before you head to the airport, half an hour before your flight to relieve flight anxiety.
    • CBD creams are used to treat skin irritations since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing skin rashes, inflammation, and swelling.
    • Oral administration of CBD oil is recommended to help manage the signs and symptoms of chronic ailments, like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, seizure disorders, depression, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.


    The best delivery method of cannabidiol or CBD is highly dependent on your needs and preferences. By keeping the above-mentioned tips and considerations in mind, you’ll be able to choose the method that is most convenient and effective for you.

    In that way, you can take your daily dose of CBD anywhere and anytime with less stress and hassle, while gaining the health benefits you need.

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