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    How to Expand Your Horizons with Food and Cultural Experiences

    In a global society, it is important to expose yourself to different perspectives, cultures and ways of life. Many of us are surrounded by homogenous communities; however, by expanding our horizons, we can learn so much and gain a greater appreciation for the world around us. Consider these fun and engaging ways to learn more about the wondrous world around you and the beauty of its collage of cultures and experiences.

    Explore Other Areas

    You learn so much from getting outside of your own community and this is one key way to explore different cultures. By immersing yourself in another world, you can learn firsthand. Whether you go backpacking or venture out on all inclusive cruises, there is so much that you can experience by exploring.

    If you truly want to fully take in these experiences, consider getting outside of the typical and most popular tourist attractions and instead venture out into the community.

    The best way to do this is to ask people you know for their recommendations and take your time to fully plan your trip so that you can get the full experience.

    Authentic Cuisines

    If a fully immersive experience is beyond what you can manage within your budget, some options are a bit closer to home. You can learn so much about a culture through cuisine.

    Consider trying out a local restaurant that offers an authentic experience. Before you head out, make sure to check online reviews. If there are limited options near you, you can also try out recipes of authentic dishes at home.

    If you want to enhance the learning opportunity, do some of your own research and make this a communal experience. Invite friends and family to become part of a dinner party community that rotate the hosting responsibilities of creating these authentic dishes.

    Through community and some online research, you can better understand the cultural significance of these meals.

    Cultural Festivals

    Cultural festivals and events that focus on cultural appreciation can be a great opportunity to develop a broader appreciation and understanding. Keep in mind that these appreciation events should be hosted and organized by those who are a part of the culture, as there is a line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation that we all need to be aware of. Take an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the culture and learn from those who can best speak to this experience and culture.


    While there are plenty of holidays that we hold dear, these are only a small subset of the holidays that are celebrated around the world. Many of our holidays speak to our heritage, values and communities, and so much can be learned from this. Cultural appreciation events and festivals can often be centered on holidays, but there are also ways to learn more about these important holidays. Consider doing your own research online or through your local library into the holidays of different cultures to better understand our greater global society.


    As we age, many of us lose the appreciation for storytelling that we once had as children, but you can learn so much from stories. Whether you are a lover of nonfiction and dive into history, an enthusiast of storytelling and you want to read fiction or you are teaching your kids about the world around them with a board book, there are boundless opportunities to better understand the human experience and its beauty. There is so much that can be learned from the comfort of your own home.

    Learning about other cultures, cuisines and lived experiences, can be a wondrous way to expand our perspective. While exploring the physical location and immersing yourself in its culture can be one of the most well-known ways, you can have an experience that is just as immersive through other avenues.

    Whether you explore a new restaurant, learn a new recipe, attend a cultural event or read about the lives and experiences of others, you have a multitude of possibilities. All you have to do now is pick just one.

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