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    How to Get that Perfect Wedding Invitation for Your Guests

    Many would-be-couples are guilty of not planning well for their wedding invitation.  This is because these couples are yet to grasp the significance of the invitation and its effect on the overall outcome of their wedding.

    If you think that wedding invitations are not to be of much value, then this is the best time that you have them prioritized and get them perfectly done.

    Here some things to consider when choosing the best wedding invitation to pique the interest of your guests and leave them eagerly anticipating the occasion:

    Define your Wedding Style

    Your wedding style is particularly important because it sets the tone of the whole event. You can choose a formal or simple feel for your wedding.

    Choosing a style gives you an objective for your wedding. The color theme, lighting, décor, and choice of venue define the style that you’re aiming for.

    Pick Your Colors

    A wedding theme is important in any wedding ceremony. It gives the guests and the organizers the idea of what to wear and bring. The theme color of your choice will help you decide on the layout of your invitation card. You can match it with the color of the flowers or even that of your bridal train.

    Once you’re decided with the color theme and the wedding style, it becomes easier to decide on the venue and the decorations. Whether it is a beach-themed wedding or a garden-themed one, it is for you to decide what colors to pick in order to create your desired illusion. Wedding colors are a personal choice. But whatever the choice may be, make sure that the combination is pleasant to everyone’s eyes.

    Decide on the Shape of the Invitation Card

    The size and shape of the invitation card matters as it could either look bulky or messy. The choice of size and style of a wedding invitation is very personal. So if you are to decide on what to get, it would be best for you to make it handy and convenient for your guests.

    You can choose to go with the traditional trend like that of a rectangular size. You can also go a bit playful by deciding on a heart-shaped one or whatever shape that best appeals to your guests and should be one that suits your sense of style.

    The Content of your Invite

    Now, this has to do with the whole information that the guests need to know with regard to the wedding invitation. Make sure you settle for invites that have legible typeface and has the following information: guest’s name, date, time, and venue of the event.

    Distribution of Cards Early On

    A few weeks or a few months to the ceremony is the best time to distribute the cards to the guests. This will also give them ample time to prepare on what to wear, to file for leave or vacation requests or to give the couple a heads up on whether or not they will make it to the wedding. By doing so, the name of guests can still be changed, and cards won’t get wasted.

    Your wedding invitation is like a bird’s eye view on how your wedding will turn out to be. Therefore it is advisable that you put enough attention to it. Let your wedding invite create a sense of anticipation and excitement on your guests. Let them feel that they are special and that you want them to become a part of your wedding. Surely, they wouldn’t want to miss it for anything!

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