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    How To Look Good In Glasses With Or Without Makeup

    A lot of things have changed in the last few decades with what is stylish and what is not. I mean, think about bald guys back in the 70’s. It was more socially accepted to wear a toupee than to buzz your hair down or even shave it.

    It’s the same with women who wear glasses. No longer are you relegated to bookworm or boring librarian status. In fact, it’s quite in right now to have a geeky edge.

    Now, it doesn’t mean you can just throw any old pair of glasses on and you’ll look good. You do have to put more effort into your style to make it work. Otherwise, if you want to not think about it, then contacts are probably going to work best for you.

    In this article, I will give you some tips on how to make sure you wear glasses and look better with them than you would without.

    #1. Figure Out your Frame

    Before you even decide on the style, you have to be a bit practical and think about other aspects of the frame. You’ll want glasses that are also going to not be uncomfortable. If the frame is too heavy or they are not fit well, then you are not going to look or feel good wearing them. They shouldn’t be a distraction and if you can feel them or are constantly adjusting them on your face then that isn’t going to work.

    The material is going to count. The most popular material is acetate which is a lightweight type of plastic. Adjusting acetate frames to fit your face well is essential so they look right and feel good.

    Another popular material right now is bamboo for its sustainability and also for its lightweight quality. Plus they look cool, too.

    #2. Determine your Face Shape

    Different style frames look better or worse according to the shape of your face. If you don’t really know what your face shape is then you have to figure it out so you can find the right type of frame.

    The three most common shapes are round, oval and triangle.

    For a round face, you should choose frames that have rather rectangular shaped lenses. Basically they should be longer than they are high. Rounded frames are going to accentuate your round cheeks and rounded chin. You want to contrast the shapes on your face to not compete with those aspects.

    Oval faces are more balanced than rounded so you have a bit more leeway when it comes to choosing the right frame. However, if you choose a frame with lenses that are more or less matched with your features then you’ll be better off. What that means is to choose lens shapes that are narrower than they are long. Think aviator glasses for example.

    For a triangular face, you need to be a bit more careful about your choice. In fact, the lenses should be somewhat heart shaped to fit the shape of your face rather than contrast it.

    #3. Go for Thin Lenses

    Even though I mentioned that it is cool to look geeky, thick lenses look a little too nerdy and are very much unfashionable. You may have poor eyesight and feel that you are forced to use glasses with thick lenses, but the truth is that there are thinner lenses than you realize. People with poor eyesight are not forced into thick, Coke bottle glasses anymore.

    There are new feathered lenses that will not look any different than regular reading glasses, but offer everything you need to see well. You also have more choice when it comes to frame styles when you don’t have those thick lenses.

    #4. Match your Frames to your Skin Tone

    When choosing a color for your frames, you can really get as wild as you like. If you want to show off your personality then your frame colors can do this for you. Look into greens or pastels if you want a sort of retro 80’s look.

    If you are simply looking to be stylish and your glasses to compliment your looks, then you should try to match your skin color with your frames.

    For pale skin, go for warm colors like a burnt ochre or sandy brown. If you have dark skin then a cooler color like blue can work well. Brown works across the board for just about any skin tone and easily matches what you wear or your hair color.

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