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    How To Look Great On A Budget While Traveling

    Kick starting this vacation season with a trip to your favorite destination, but worried about looking good in your Instagram photos? This is a dilemma for a lot of us since it is not possible to carry all your beauty supplies with you on a trip.

    Aside from the fact that customs have a restriction on the number of fluids you can carry or fear of your lotion bottle exploding in your face while on the flight.

    It might seem the odds are stacked against your quest to achieve travel beauty. But fear not, we are here to give you a few travel hacks to ensure you look great on your holidays effortlessly.

    Before Boarding the Flight

    Yes, your preparation should start before you board your flight. Remember to start taking care of your skin before leaving for your destination. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

    Water Your Skin

    It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. Travelling can be extremely dehydrating for the skin so make sure that you use hydrating face masks or invest in a facial mask before travel.

    You can try Duty-free beauty services as they also provide free samples that will last you through your travels.

    Say Yes! to Free Samples

    Raise your hands if you are guilty of going over the budget at Sephora. I know that it can’t be helped but take advantage of the free samples that come with it.

    This will save you a lot of suitcase space while packing.

    Protect Your Products

    If samples are a no go for you and you simply can’t part with your favorite moisturizer then place your product in a Ziploc bag and put them in between clothes.

    This will cushion them and also barely take up any space.

    Go Low With the Toiletries

    Travelling is supposed to be for experiencing freedom. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy freedom if you are bogged down by tons of luggage. Many stores sell empty spray bottles or even travel size kits in which you can carry your toiletries.

    Another great idea is to make use of your contact lens cases, they make amazing travel containers. Mark the caps with nail polish for identification and place toothpaste, moisturizer, etc. They are small enough to carry in your bag and the small amount will save you from messy situations.

    Pro Tip: The conditioner in your hotel toiletries makes a great moisturizer so you use that as a shaving cream for smooth shaving.

    Pack In the Essentials

    There are certain products that you will thank yourself for packing in. One of them is a travel size silk pillowcase. The silk pillow is very low absorbent keeping your skin moisturized, prevents wrinkles and bed hair and most importantly it is super comfortable to sleep on. Pillows are essential if you want to look and feel well-rested, over at RAVE reviews they’ve compiled a list of the best travel pillows around.

    Holidays means tons of pictures with your smiling faces. So brighten up that smile with teeth whitening strips. They are travel-friendly and you only need to keep them on for 30 minutes.

    They can also be kept while talking or drinking water. So put on those strips and say Cheese!

    Coconut Oil is a beauty elixir all beauty gurus swear by. They are a multipurpose travel beauty solution.

    • Act as a gentle makeup remover.
    • Moisturizes the cuticles.
    • Effective hair conditioner.
    • Soothes mosquito bites.
    • Multi-Purpose Makeup

    Unfortunately, not all of our favorite products are travel-friendly. There’s always a risk of spilling foundation or breaking palettes. Many companies provide multipurpose products for lips and cheeks.

    Switch to a matte foundation or use a concealer instead to hide dark circles or sunburn. BB and CC creams are also great options with the added advantage of sun protection.

    Switch to solid products when possible to avoid spillage.

    While on Flight

    Why should beauty preparations stop even if you are 35,000 ft in the air? The stale cabin air can be very dehydrating for the skin so moisturize your skin so that you look celebrity ready when you land.

    Face Masks

    Hydrating sheet masks are easy to use and non-messy while they might freak out your fellow passengers. But then again looking good does come with its costs.

    However, you can use masks that can be applied like a moisturizer if you want to spare your flight attendants an early Halloween surprise.

    More Water Please

    I know I have mentioned this before but that is because water is the key to good skin. Buy a 1L bottle at the airport or carry a refillable water bottle and ask your flight attendant to fill it for you while on flight.

    At the Vacation Spot

    You have finally arrived at your destination to have some fun. Now let’s move on to what to do to look good while having fun.

    Shorten Your Makeup Routine

    You are here to have a good time outside so why waste time in the hotel on getting ready. Keep your makeup minimal by using a bb cream instead of primer and foundation, put on a little mascara and lip balm and you will have a natural fresh look.

    For an added oomph, try on some fragrance. Fabeable recommends that nice smelling perfumes can greatly boost your mood, confidence, and attractiveness.

    For Hair

    You may not be able to wash your hair every day while you are on holidays so it is a good idea to carry a dry shampoo to prevent greasy hair. Instead of going for damaging store-bought shampoo make one at home: Combine and mix ¼ cup arrowroot, corn starch with 5 drops of essential oil and keep in an airtight container.

    Wet brushes are also a helpful choice to prevent tangled hair.

    If you intend to straighten your hair, pack in a cordless iron which runs on gas. They are very useful to prevent unruly hair but remember to refill the gas before you leave.

    If you want beachy waves instead, here is an easy hair hack: take a standard stretchy headband and wrap it around your head. Then wet your hair and wrap it around the band and leave overnight.

    If your hair is being stubborn then simply go for a messy bun wrap in a colorful scarf around your head, they look great in pictures.

    For Face

    Instead of carrying multiple products, use a bronzer to glam up to enjoy the nightlife scene. Use a fluffy brush to apply bronzer over the cheeks, jawline, upper eyelids, lightly dust over the lower lash line and top it off with brown eyeliner to achieve an effortless smoky eye.

    The best option if you don’t want to bother with too much makeup is to go with a bold lipstick. Dark red lipstick will brighten your complexion and make you look confident. So put on that red and make heads turn.


    The most important hack to looking good on your holiday is to have fun. Be free, and lay back and relax. Remember to smile wide for those pictures and enjoy your trip. Happy holidays!

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