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    Ladies – How to Make Nutritional Supplements Your New Thing

    These last five months of quarantine have really put us in touch with our mental and physical wellbeing. Many of our daily routines have been adjusted, many spaces in our homes have been disinfected, and some of us even have turned to ample nutritional supplements to boost our overall health.

    First of all, nutritional supplements are not just for those who are looking maximize their workout gains but instead as a way to live a well-rounded lifestyle.

    Determining which supplements to take can be overwhelming, which is too bad because our diets often call for extra vitamin and mineral support.

    To give some perspective, Katy Hearn, founder of Alani Nu, delivers vitamin and supplements regimes that target the needs of women by spotlighting two of her lines most popular products that contain the kind of support you’ve likely been hoping to find for a while.


    To support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, and fertility.

    This signature supplement helps bring harmony to your system by boosting estrogen and other essential hormones for well-rounded cardiovascular, neural, and psycho-emotional health.


    • Promotes female fertility and restores insulin sensitivity.
    • Brightens complexion and reduces wrinkles by aiding in hydration.
    1. DIM
    • Estrogen metabolism prevents drastic increases or decreases in estrogen. Also, it prevents conversion of testosterone into estrogen.
    1. ALA
    • Combined with Myo-Inositol, it’s been shown to increase insulin-sensitivity in women who are overweight and/or have PCOS.
    • Helps improve blood sugar control and decrease future weight-gain along with fat deposition in women’s mid sections.
    1. FOLATE
    • Has positive active in cardiovascular, neural, and psycho-emotional health. Additionally, it helps support fertility and fetal development.


    For women who are seeking superior protein, filled with a wide range of essential amino acids which are quickly absorbed, and help increase strength, boost muscle development and shred body fat.


      • Contains 23.4g of this powerful protein.
    1. DIGEZYME®
      • Supports digestive health by being infused with digestive enzymes

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