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    How to Mesh Your Home, Lawn and Garden Areas Together

    Incorporating beauty into your home and property is a common goal for home owners looking to maximize home value and appeal. Between indoor and outdoor areas, there is much to enjoy from mother nature in the backyard to ample. Well-designed spaces in every room, creating that ideal setting is a worthwhile endeavor.

    With warm weather now upon us, the urge to get outside and enjoy the sunshine is strong. Rather than having to choose between a beautiful interior, a beautiful lawn and a beautiful garden. Why not bring all of these elements together in a uniform setting?

    To show you that it can be done, let’s take a look at how you can mesh together your home, lawn and garden to create gorgeous results.

    Invest in Your Patio

    Your outdoor living spaces and gardens are meant to be enjoyed: their beauty adds a splash of color and variance to the yard, after all. Whether you are engaged in sustainable farming with fruits and vegetables or gardening purely for decorative purposes. Creating a social space alongside both the home and nearby gardens can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your backyard. This can be done by planting wild flowers and you can head over to Natural dwellers for more information.

    The simplest way to accomplish this is by building and/or investing in a patio. These outdoor spaces require minimal construction work (besides a ground-level deck or slab). Coupled with some high-quality furniture, you’ll be able to relax, entertain guests or just enjoy the view of your garden, home and lawn all in one place.  Contact these modern home builders MN to see how they can help create a sustainable outdoor living area for you.

    Build a Beautiful Screened Porch

    Enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather may be worth the effort, but it often comes with a cost. From dangerous ultraviolet light to pesky insects, not everything about summer is enjoyable. Perhaps the simplest way to fuse your home with nature for the purpose of enjoying both is by building a screened porch.

    Particularly easy to do if you already have an existing back porch or similar space, a screened porch can add thousands of dollars of value to the home. At the same time, the space provides a cooler and pest-free area to enjoy the great outdoors without having to be directly in it. This can also be an excellent location for evening gatherings, parties and other social festivities.

    Embrace Vertical Landscaping

    Some homes have relatively small lawns. In this case, gardening may prove to be difficult – but have no fear! One of the latest trends in urban and home gardening is the use of vertical landscaping alternatives. By incorporating vertically-oriented growing spaces along the exterior of the home, you can grow everything from flowers to vegetables using a minimal amount of square footage.

    Additionally, the use of vertical landscaping efforts that adjoin the home can add a splash of character to the house itself. While you always want to be careful about any fixtures or growing mediums attached directly to the home, making the most use of this limited space can really tie together your home, garden and lawn.

    Bringing the three primary elements of your property – home, lawn and garden – together can produce a variety of beautiful and functional results. For anybody wishing to improve property value, boost aesthetic appeal and get more use out of their spaces, consider one or more of these home projects this summer.

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