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    How to Plan a TEFL Gap Year on Three Different Continents

    You probably want to teach abroad because you don’t want to be hemmed in, or you don’t like the establishment 9 to 5 workday. This sense of adventure and the pursuit of freedom is probably also why you won’t want to stay in one destination for too long. The good news is the teaching abroad gives you the flexibility to change your location if you want to.

    But like everything else, you need a plan or you risk just wandering from one place to another with no clear goal. The following is a great plan whether you have a degree or not. Who, knows you may even decide to make teaching abroad a career rather than a hobby in your gap year;

    #1. If You Have a Degree :

    The level of qualification you have on top of your TEFL certification determines the type of job you can get and the destinations available to you. The following is our recommended teach abroad plan if you have a bachelor’s degree;

    1st Stop: Europe Stop 3 Weeks

    If you have a Bachelor’s certificate and a TEFL certificate, you can make any one of the following countries your first stop; Malta, Czech Republic, Malta, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Any one of these destinations will mean that your gap year around the world will be off to a really good start.

    2nd Stop: Chile for 5 Months

    Your first three weeks in Europe should help you place your feet firmly in the TEFL world. Your next stop should be one that incorporates adventure and teaching which is why we recommend Chile. In Chile you can get your fill of adventure by hiking the Andes and the Chilean coast range or visit one of the beaches for some surf.

    3rd Stop: Thailand for 4 Months

    We recommend Thailand as you last stop for the sheer beauty of the country. It also fairly easy place to make a living seeing as you can make enough to live, while experiencing the rugged beauty of Southeast Asia like you wouldn’t anywhere else.

    #2. If You Don’t Have Degree :

    You can also take a gap year to teach abroad even if you don’t have a degree. The following are the top destinations for non-degree holders;

    1st Stop: Europe for 3 Weeks

    To teach English in select European countries even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, we advise you take a TEFL certification course in person. This way, you increase your chances to secure employment while improving your own skills.

    2nd Stop: China for 3 -4.5 Months

    China is a destination you should consider visiting even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree. You can ride on the back of the experience you get from your three weeks in Europe to make some extra cash teaching English in China for the next 3 or 4 months. And, since you are seeking to teach while you experience different cultures, China provides the best place for you to experience a different culture and adventures while you teach.

    3rd Stop: Brazil for 4 Months

    You’ve seen Europe and Asia and you are ready for something different. Brazil provides an incredible destination for TEFL teachers all year round. The South American nation is also a great melting point of cultures, making it the ideal place to meet new friends and experience firsthand the warm world of Samba. There is also no shortage of places to visit and adventures to fill your vacation days.

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