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    How to Prepare a Stellar Fashion Essay in College

    Fashion is a thing that exists now, at the moment. It is very changeable because what is trendy today can get old tomorrow. An essay about fashion could concern different things. As a rule, people write about clothes, accessories, hairstyles, shoes, makeup, body proportions, or some habits like smoking electronic cigarettes instead of regular ones. Fashion reflects beliefs, likes, and dislikes of people.

    There are several rules one should follow to prepare a stellar fashion essay in college. For those who do not have an opportunity to compose an essay, there is someone from a professional service who will write an essay from scratch, according to your requirements. It guarantees fair prices and high-level papers before the deadline. The cooperation remains anonymous so that no one could guess about the true executor.

    Investigate the Topic Relying on Trustworthy Sources

    It is very important to choose the sources which provide only fresh news. One should pay attention to the date of publishing and check the data about the chosen object on other reliable websites or printed literature. A researcher should also pay attention to the origin of the chosen fashion. There are five basic ‘producers’ of fashion.

    Policy : It often happens that the government decides what must be popular this or that period. For example, when there was no need to increase the population, the government decided to make contraceptive pills legal in the 1960s which provoked the rebellion movement among the youth. The same period was also famous for the anti-war trend due to the war in Vietnam. It gave birth to camouflage and hippie styles.

    Technology:  Innovation has a great influence on fashion. Solar devices, clothing with 3D printing, online shopping are the result of technological and Internet boom in the XXI century. Moreover, social networks like Instagram popularize and make various things trendy. Bloggers acquire subscribers, post something, and fans start following their style, manner of speech, and so on.

    Social Sphere: Everyone likes movies, music, and most media consumers create an idol who they try to copy. Singers and music bands have a specific look and their fans feel inspired when copying them. One should just remember Barbie fashion among girls who tried not only to get the desired doll but also to look like it.

    Economy: Cheap things are bad and tasteless and expensive ones are the icon of perfectionism. There are so many people who believe in it. Some women of fashion would better buy a simple black T-shirt from Gucci for $1000 than the same quality clothing in a simple market for $50.

    Current Needs: The clothes of businesswomen, teachers, housewives, and college students differ greatly. The feminist movement led to a new business fashion style among women who wanted to get a job and do not look simple and naive. Casual clothes depend on human income and country. That is why fashion is different around the globe. It is the mirror of rules, traditions, customs, and culture.

    Essay Requirements: Structure, Formatting, and Presentation

    When writing a college essay about fashion, a student should consider three main obligatory things.


    Everything must be logical. The best way to project a paper is to write an outline. It reflects not only the structure of the paper. A student can also make notes and mention pages of sources that can support the idea of each part. Thanks to that, a person does not have to keep everything in mind or reread books trying to find the citation or page with it.

    A common essay includes:

    • a title page
    • an introductory part
    • a body
    • a conclusion.

    Many colleges demand an appendix page and a bibliography. In case there are some video or audio materials, diagrams, tables, schemes, and other essential information, one can present it as an annex.

    An introduction makes 10% of the whole paper and presents the idea of the research. It might also include a thesis statement. A body (80% of the volume) explains everything supporting the core idea with facts and/or personal experiments and tests. A conclusion summarizes and may give the idea for further research.

    Each word should mirror the main idea of the fashion essay. The logical connection between passages and all sentences in them is the necessity.


    Each college demands concrete formatting. It includes font type and its size, spacing, writing style (persuasive, narrative, descriptive, expository), writing format (MLA, Chicago, APA, Turabian), peculiarities of footnotes and links, bibliography, margins, information and its presentation for the title page. A college mentions what format of video (MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc.) and audio(MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.) to attach if there is such a necessity.

    Students often neglect formatting details and fail because of that. One of the most common problems a student faces is a writing format that one should keep to. The problem is that the difference between them is not so vivid as one often expects. There are different guidelines on official websites of Universities as Purdue University. They help to avoid mistakes and present an essay the way it must be.


    As a rule, students are to write a paper and hand it in or send it via email. Still, there are cases when a person must create PPT, a self-composed questionnaire, or video to support the essay. Everything depends on the college and a tutor. One must also remember the deadline. It is necessary to mention the time required for each step of the investigation in the outline. Thanks to that, a student will do everything on time and have time to check and proofread a paper.


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