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    How to Pull Off Resort Casual

    You did your research, picked your paradise destination, purchased the plane tickets, and booked the resort stay. Now your beach vacation is only days away. You just can’t wait to be lying on the beach with your toes in the warm waves and a cocktail in hand. Before that can happen, though, you need to pack! You stare at that open suitcase, glaringly empty, and start to panic a little. What are you supposed to bring?

    A beach vacation requires your typical warm-weather essentials, such as swimsuits, flip-flops, and shorts. Shop for the best bathing suits for women for your body type to look your best on the beach. However, you likely won’t be spending your entire time in the water or on the sand.

    If you said, “resort casual,” then you are on the right track! While that’s all well and good, you might be wondering what exactly qualifies as resort casual. What pieces do you need to include in your suitcase to pull off that perfect, resort casual look?

    Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

    According to this article, What is Resort Casual? by Ocean Reef Resorts, “Resort casual wear generally provides a look that is upscale, sporty, and relaxed…[it] refers to styles you may find at a local country club, a nice but informal cocktail party, or even something you’d wear stepping off a yacht.” In essence, it conveys the relaxed sophistication that characterizes coastal living. There is no pretentiousness or stuffiness about the resort casual look. It’s all about feeling comfortable while looking classy.

    For women, resort casual expresses an effortless elegance that is relaxed and comfortable. During the day, you can take this look straight from the beach or pool to an upscale restaurant or event. And no, that doesn’t mean you should wear only your swimsuit and flip-flops when in town. Shorts, skirts, skorts, and sundresses are all acceptable attire. You can even slip on a modest swimsuit coverup, beach wrap, or light fabric shawl over your swimsuit when headed somewhere that isn’t by the water.

    Evening wear is similar, except that beach wraps are not proper for evening outings. On the other hand, outfits that are considered more “black tie,” such as formal dresses or sky-high high heels, are just a little too much. Again, keep your look chic, but fun; stylish, but carefree.

    For men, the resort casual look should give off the same classy, laid back feel as for women. Suits and ties are over the top, while blue jeans and non-collared shirts err on the side of too casual. Your outfit should transition from poolside to the golf green with ease. Acceptable attire includes khaki pants or dress shorts, collared and button-down shirts with a tropical flair, more formal sandals, loafers, and dock shoes. In the evenings, you may want to dress it up a little more, choosing pants instead of shorts and closed-toed shoes instead of sandals.

    To top off the resort casual look, try adding some accessories. Sunglasses, coastal jewelry, or a sunhat should do the trick!

    Think you’ve got what you need to pack that suitcase? Test out your resort casual look in a paradise destination, like Destin, Florida!

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