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    How To Take Care for Your Skin as You Age

    Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It will eventually start to show signs of aging that get worse with time.

    Aging occurs as your skin loses moisture and elasticity along with becoming thinner. This can make it especially prone to issues, such as cracking and dryness that only make it look older.

    It is no surprise that people often work hard to find ways to combat the signs of aging. There are plenty of things you can do to try to keep your skin looking young for as long as possible which includes collagen for acne like collagen supplement.

    Start When You Are Young

    When you are young, you may not think about how what you do now will impact your skin in the future. If you are lucky enough to start thinking ahead, though, you will know that how you treat your skin now will have a direct impact on how soon your skin starts showing the signs of aging.

    There are a few important steps that you want to take. Keeping in mind that you want to minimize damage, you should avoid smoking or quit if you already smoke. You also need to wear sunscreen every time you are outside. Never go into the sun without it and avoid trying to tan your skin as this causes damage.

    You also want to combat dryness. Do this by creating a healthy habit of drinking plenty of water each day. Also, avoid dryness by using a humidifier and avoiding climates where it is hot and dry.

    Learn About the Common Problems With Aging Skin

    You should familiarize yourself with the common issues that occur with skin as it ages.


    The National Institute on Aging explains one of the biggest problems is dryness.

    Dryness can happen because you are not drinking enough water, spend too much time in the sun or dry air, or smoke. It can also happen due to stress. Plus, you lose sweat and oil glands as you age, which dries out skin.

    If you have certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease or diabetes, this also can dry out skin. Finally, using too many scented products on your skin can cause dryness.

    Combating dry skin requires using a moisturizer regularly. You may also want to take fewer showers or baths, and when you do, use only mild soaps. Also, start using a humidifier in your home to put some moisture back in the air.


    Wrinkles can also be a result of dry skin, but they also happen due to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, genetics, gravity, and lifestyle habits.

    You cannot completely stop wrinkles. They will occur eventually. You can do things to slow down their appearance, though.

    You should quit any bad habits that can wrinkle your skin, such as smoking or spending too much time in the sun. You also should practice good skincare, such as moisturizing often.

    Age Spots

    Age spots are a direct result of too much sun exposure. You usually will not see sun damage like this until it is too late. These flat, brown spots look like large freckles.

    The only way to prevent sun spots is to minimize sun exposure. Do this by using sunscreen all the time. Also, stay out of the sun whenever possible.

    Choosing the Right Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

    Anti-aging skincare products can work wonderfully when you use them correctly and choose them carefully, such as those from a trusted dermatologist like Dr Jason Emer. The American Academy of Dermatology Association explains that there are two skin products you should always use:

    • Sunscreen
    • Moisturizer

    When choosing a sunscreen the primary rule is to choose one that is water-resistant, broad-spectrum, and at least SPF 30. Reapply it every two hours when you are out in the sun.

    When it comes to moisturizer, make sure you choose a product that is for your specific skin type. This will help you to avoid irritation and additional skin issues. It is also a good idea to always choose a hypoallergenic product. You can buy a combo sunscreen/moisturizer if you want.

    As for other products, look for those that target your specific skin concerns. Always read the labels and follow the instructions for use carefully. Also, be aware that using too many anti-aging products can harm your skin and increase the signs of aging, so make sure you only use what you need.

    Beautiful Young-Looking Skin

    Everyone wants their skin to be pink, plump, and supple. When age starts to dull your skin, you need to take things into your own hands. Provide the best environment for your skin by paying attention to moisture and making sure you are not doing anything that could cause additional signs of aging.

    If you make a conscious effort, you can slow down aging and ensure your skin is as healthy as possible.

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