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    Find Out Your Ideal Sportswear to Your Body Type

    There is no denying that workout is plainly imperative. However, before you start your workout regime, you need to be well prepared and have adequate knowledge regarding the type of exercise you plan to take part in. You need to know how much you should hydrate, what type of shoes you should wear, and last but not the least, what type of ladies active wear you should wear. While sportswear for women may not sound that important, it definitely plays a vital role in improving your workout sessions. The right gym wear not only provides comfort and support, but also keeps you looking fashionable and fit.

    Choosing the right sportswear for women may be a bit overwhelming at first with the plethora of options and styles available in the market. However, you can put your worries at bay as we are here to help. No matter what your body shape is, we have enlisted some ideal ladies active wear picks that will help you accomplish your body goals.

    #1. Hourglass:

    If you have flattering curves that are proportioned by a slim waist, hip, and bust circumference, you need a gym wear that helps you flaunt those gorgeous curves. Ideally, you should stick to sports bras and comfortable tights that make your waist look elegant yet sexy.

    #2. Spoon:

    If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, you fall in the inverted triangle body type. In such a case, playing with the right colours can do the trick. Pick tops , preferably tank tops that are darker on the top with colour detailing in the centre. This way, the attention is drawn more towards the center of your body. You should also go bright on the bottom as it gives that definition and width to your look.

    #3. Pear:

    Pear is simply the opposite of the inverted triangle body shape. Here, the bust circumference is smaller to the hip circumference. If you have such a body shape, the best bet is to highlight the upper portion of your body with bright coloured sports bras and stick to darker shades at the bottom. It gives the illusion of a more balanced body.

    #4. Straight:

    In a straight body shape, the circumference of bust and hips is nearly equal. Dressing for such a body shape may seem tricky at first, but it’s not really so. Here, you can choose different coloured ladies activewear for top and bottom. Mixing and matching with different colours makes you curvy visually , which is all what you really need.

    #5. Oval:

    Also known as ‘Apple shape’, oval body shape is usually characterized by a large bust, smaller hip circumference, and slender legs. If you have such a body shape, you should pick up sportswear for women that allow easy movement and not too restricting on the waist. Pick up loose tank tops and t-shirts, preferably with a V-neck as it allows easy air passage, keeping you cool and comfortable. Even better if you opt for a bright coloured bottom as it gives a fuller shape to your legs.

    #6. Full bust:

    If you have fuller breast shape, support carries utmost importance. Choose high impact sports bras that can provide necessary protection under vigorous workout sessions. They also prevent movement and spillage, giving you the much needed support. If you’re not comfortable with wearing sports bras alone, you can also wear them under stylish racerback tank tops to get that sporty chic appearance.

    #7. Petite:

    If your height is lower than 5’3’’, you fall under the petite type. In this category, you will have the usual body shape, such as straight, pear, or hourglass, but you will also have to go an inch beyond to flatter your body shape. You should look for tops or sports bras with thin straps as choosing thicker straps can make you look disproportionate. Similarly, when it comes to bottoms, you should look for striped gym wear styles as they elongate your legs visually. This is an excellent trick to add a few inches to your original frame.

    Apart from knowing what the right type of sportswear for women is for you as per your body shape, you also need to take the fabric into consideration. Choose fabrics that wick away the sweat and help it evaporate quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right gym wear for your body shape and work it out.

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