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    Ingenious Ideas to Decorate Your Home On a Tight Budget

    You don’t need to have a lot of money to decorate your home. You can make your home more beautiful by implementing some creative and ingenious ideas. However, you must first clean your house by removing all the grime, dirt and clutter. After cleaning your home, you can then use these ten ingenious ideas to decorate your home;

    Convert a Stool into a Table

    Repurpose some of your stools to form handy stands. You can then place these repurposed stools alongside your coaches and armchairs. If you have several stools of different heights, convert all of them into stands. Then, symmetrically arrange them to increase their aesthetic value.

    Use Matching Furniture Minimally

    Matching furniture may bring about a sense of boredom and monotony to your home. Therefore, you should introduce a piece or two of furniture which does not match with the rest. For instance; you can interchange one of your dining chairs with one of your kitchen chairs. The non-matching furniture piece should be placed in a conspicuous position.

    Use Your Open Shelves Creatively

    Your open shelves should not act as a simple store; they should be used to increase the aesthetic value of your home. Maybe you can display all your pretty homewares and sculptures in your open shelves so that they can be admired. Or perhaps you can arrange all your patterned plates beautifully.

    Rearrange Your Shades and Lamps

    Rearrange your shades and lamps to give your house a new look. For instance; you can swap your bedside lamp with your reading table lamp.

    Install In-door and Out-door Cameras

    By installing modern surveillance cameras, you will have increased the aesthetic value of your home. Therefore, place modern surveillance cameras inside your house and also at your outdoor areas. With these cameras, you will also have made your home more secure.

    Modern surveillance cameras will help you to monitor the ongoings in your home even if you are far away. They will also make your home to look more beautiful, sleek, and elegant.

    Make Your Bookshelf to Be More Stylish

    A disorganized bookshelf can make your house to appear ugly. Therefore, you should arrange your bookshelf stylishly to make your home more beautiful.

    Arrange your hardcover books in a specific order; from the tallest book to the shortest one. The other books can serve as bookends to keep the hardcover books in place.

    You can also place some decorative items such as photos and sculptures on the topmost shelf. Use baskets and boxes to hide unattractive items such as DVDs, envelopes and paperbacks. Also, make sure you leave some empty spaces so that your bookshelf will not appear to be cluttered.

    Use Natural Decorative Items

    Using natural decorative items will make your home more beautiful and eco-friendly. You can obtain these items by yourself directly from home or during picnics and vacations.

    For instance, you can use smooth and beautiful stones to line your mantel. Or perhaps you can use shells to make bookends. Or you can display a bird’s nest which will form a part of your tables-cape. Or maybe you can have natural potted plants in your home office.

    Make a Gallery

    Of course, you can choose to cover your walls with artwork and family photos. However, to make your house more beautiful, you will have to be more creative.

    You can arrange your artwork and your family photos in such a way to form a gallery. What’s more – you can have several galleries in different areas of your home, each with a different theme. Avoid to merely stuff your walls with artworks and photos which do not adhere to a specific theme.

    Use Visual Symmetry

    As illustrated by Life Hacker, using visual symmetry is a great way to decorate your house. Buy two or more decorative items which match but are of different sizes. Then, apply visual symmetry to make your home more beautiful. For instance; you can display a tall portrait of an elephant alongside with two other similar shorter portraits.

    Reuse Your Holiday Decorations

    It is wasteful to buy holiday décor and then hide them in your storeroom all year round. Using your holiday décor is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your house.

    You can use your Easter baskets to store your fruits. Or your Halloween pumpkin crusts can serve as great flower vases.

    Moreover, you should not stash away your artificial Christmas tree, but rather; you should place it in a conspicuous place in your living room. Then, you can always redecorate it according to the different seasons of the year.  For instance, you can redecorate it using red hearts for Valentine’s day, leaves during autumn and shamrocks for the celebration of St. Patrick’s day.


    As asserted by Woman’s Day, decorating your home is not a big deal. You merely have to be innovative. You will be surprised with the aesthetic value your home will have if you implement one or two of these ideas.

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