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    Some Interesting Hidden Features on YouTube

    Among the famous social media platform for content creators is YouTube. It was developed with different amazing features, but then not all the features are active to date. Here in you will learn some YouTube features and hidden secrets that most of you might probably lack idea if they ever existed and that you can use them even today.

    Pause / Play

    Whenever you need to pause particular playing audio or video quickly, you need not do too much about it; you need to press the keyboard space bar and you are done. This is the simplest way that will save you from hovering your PC using the mouse over the pause/play button. The video or audio will continue playing once you press the keyboard space again for the second time.

    Download a Video

    In case you need to embed particular audio or video into a specific webpage you own, you only require pressing the YouTube share button on that specific video and follow to embed it. Some may need to change their videos songs; there is a custom width where you will make a selection, and the video will be produced to the required size automatically. Other programs like WinX YouTube downloader free download for windows 7 can enable you to have a direct download of videos right from YouTube.

    Poor Connection

    To improve the quality of your videos and you at that time have a poor network connection, you need the YouTube feather for this purpose. This is a better viewing YouTube option that gets off some buttons and features on that particular video. This means that they can buffer quicker and let you move into faster loading.

    Customized Searching

    There are several codes that you can employ to narrow down your YouTube search results at large. High definition results can be brought about by HD’ to your specific search query. On the other hand, a three-dimensional content can be pulled up if you add 3D’ to your particular search query. If you write playlist or channel will arraign your search results as well have this week’ or today’ so that more recent content can be brought. On the other hand, also, typing long’ will make the videos turn longer than even twenty minutes while typing short’ will make it go down to less than even four minutes.

    Fast Forward / Rewind

    In case you are interested much in a particular part of the video, and you want a rewind of that part, you need a press on the keyboard’s left arrow key. On the other hand, if it’s forwarding, the right key will significantly help you here. This appears as the easiest and faster way than using the mouse to drag the cursor all over.

    Watch Later

    You should never worry in case you are right in the middle of a video and you want to make a stop from where you have reached watching. There is a clock-like button known as the watch later button and the video will be automatically saved till you come back to watch it at later times. Through this method, you won’t be looking for the same videos; the video will be right there for you to watch later.

    Disable Related Content

    At the end of a particular clip, you may need not to see related videos to the one you are watching. You can do this by disabling them by adding the “?rel=0” code right towards the end of the embed code URL.

    Repeat Videos

    For the case you need a repeat of particular music videos, it is simple to achieve this. You need to add the word repeater right at the URL, and it should be straight after the word YouTube so that it can be opened right at an external site that will, later on, play it back as you let it. Also, you can consider setting it to playback part of it.

    Search in Other Languages

    There are different YouTube options to help you look for different languages for either multilingual or bilingual. The process is simple, you need to scroll to the bottom of that particular page, and there you will find different language options from which you choose. There is a special keyboard that will show up in your search options to help you in making a selection of foreign languages.

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