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    Is It True That Asians Age More Slowly?

    It can be amazing to look at the East Asian population and see just how slowly they age. It can be difficult to tell a person’s real age because of how smooth their skin is and how young they look.

    Do they have some secret for maintaining their seemingly eternal youth? Do they just have a great skincare routine? There are so many questions as to why East Asians seem to age a lot more slowly than Caucasian people.

    There is Actual Science Involved

    Yes, one of the most important reasons behind East Asians seemingly aging so slowly is all due to science. Factors come into play such as skin types, genetics, what people eat, and the overall face shape of different ethnicities. So while some people try to eliminate age with botox, other people don’t have to worry about those kinds of problems.

    Skin Types

    We can age in two different ways: from internal reasons such as genetics and hormones, and from external reasons, such as sunbathing and smoking. They don’t have the same impact on the skin in the same proportions, as 80% of the aging process is caused by external factors like being out in the sun too much. Sunlight promotes fine lines and increased aging and is also prone to be sunburned more than actual tanning.

    The more melanin that is present in the skin, the more the skin is actually protected, making it more difficult for the skin to be damaged. This is why non-white individuals tend to age less slowly.

    Fat Distribution In The Face

    East Asians tend to have more fat around their eyes and their mouth than people of European descent. As we age, this fat tends to decrease, but because they have more presence, they will lose this fat at a slower rate, contributing to their overall “more youthful” appearance.

    Worship Of The Sun

    People of European descent tend to want to tan their skin more, believing that it will make them look more attractive. However, they don’t realize that they are damaging their skin in the process and making it age much faster.

    East Asians, on the other hand, prefer to stay out of the sun as much as possible. They use sunblock whenever they can, and actually carry around umbrellas on very sunny days to help protect their skin.

    Better Choice of Diet

    The food we eat plays a big role in the aging process. Eating more processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and foods high in fat and salt tends to make you age a lot faster. What goes into your body can be shown all over your face and skin. Eating healthier foods such as fish, white meat, fruit, and vegetables will promote good skin health. Because the East Asian diet focuses mostly on the latter, they have much better skin than, for example, Americans, whose diets are mostly focused on processed foods.

    Although genetics do play some part in your skin quality, you have to exercise some degree of care in taking care of your skin too.

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