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    Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Productivity at Work?

    Did you get enough sleep today? In this modern and fast-paced society, people are exposed to different rigorous activities and inveigling high technology. As a result, they often experience lack of sleep, stress, and fatigue.

    According to the World Sleep Day Society, approximately 46% of the world’s employees perform poorly and commit mistakes in the office due to sleep deprivation.

    What causes a lack of sleep?

    #1. Snoring Problems

    Do you often hoarse during sleep? It may disrupt the person beside you, and it may also cause breathing pauses when you’re in a REM cycle. Snoring can also wake you up every two to three hours because you’ll feel like choking or gasping. But the good news is there are plenty of anti snoring devices for a quick fix, check out best anti-snoring devices.

    #2. Drinking Caffeinated beverages and Energy Drinks

    Sipping a cup of coffee during the early morning to boost the energy – this may sound usual for a working person. However, taking a cup of coffee or dozing an energy drink during the afternoon may keep you stay awake all night.

    #3. Exposure to Gadgets

    Perhaps, you are surfing the internet and browsing your Facebook before you go to bed. Some might still be playing their mobile legends even during the late hour night. Oops! This could eventually transform you into a morning zombie if you continue doing this hobby.

    #4. Avoid Eating Pungent and Sour Food

    Spicy foods boost energy levels and keep you feel hyperactive. While sour food is a good source of Vitamin C. However, some people have a low tolerance when it comes to spicy and sour foods. They might experience either acidity or heartburn and wake them up from their deep sleep.

    #5. Anxiety and Depression

    Are you worrying about the pending tasks and work for tomorrow? This anxiety will only make you feel more stress and depress! This condition will also make you feel awake during the night for overthinking too much.

    What is the impact of sleep deprivation on your work?

    When you have inadequate sleep, it’s difficult to concentrate on your job because your mind is literally in a blank state. Here are some of the effects:

    • Loss of Interest and Focus
    • Less Productive
    • Emotional Instability
    • Unclear Mindset
    • Drowsiness and Stress
    • Impairs Social Life
    • Vulnerable to Arguments and Mistakes

    How to change your inappropriate sleeping habits?

    #1. Drink milk and Go to Bed Early

    Milk contains a tryptophan amino acid, which produces serotonin that can induce a person to sleep. A reason why it’s customary to drink milk before bedtime. If you are a lactose intolerant, try to adjust your body clock instead. You should sleep early around 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm so that you can still get around 7 to 9 hours rest.

    #2. Exercise during the day

    Perform regular exercises so that it can help your body feel enthusiastic during the day and relax at night. An exercise is also important to keep the blood circulating properly in the body. If you can’t exercise during the day, you may take a hot bath during the night to help you relax.

    #3. Avoid Using Gadgets Before Going to Bed

    When you surf something on the internet, it will make your mind active and hype which makes you feel awake. Turn it off or keep it away from you. Make it a habit and for sure, you will get used to it.

    #4. Manage your stress

    Some people are getting stressed when they think about the pending tasks for the next day. Hence, it makes their mind active and keeps them awake. In any case, managing your stress is the optimistic way to work out the things in an organized way. Remember, learn to worry less, manage stress, and sleep better.

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