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    The Rise of the Second Screen: Is the Internet Overtaking TV?

    We live in strange times. We are right now witnessing a massive shift in technology and there is no stopping it. Presently, we cannot see it subconsciously but as long as it progresses we will see the signs. Back in the days, traditional cable was the ultimate form of entertainment.

    People used to watch the news, live matches, and some popular shows. Times were simple as the shows were telecasted at a fixed time. Families and friends would gather and watch these shows.

    However, the landscape changed when streaming services started to take over. Streaming services emerged in the late 2000s. They managed to secure a lot of consumer base. From there, a cultural shift began. Many people started cutting the cord and moved directly to streaming platforms.

    These platforms offered many benefits. The biggest of them was that they were able to reduce the hefty cable bills to an amount that every consumer can afford. Secondly, these streaming services offered a lot of convenience.

    You don’t have to rely on broadcasts to enjoy a new episode of your favorite show. Most importantly, no adverts were making it ideal for everyday entertainment.

    With this influx, we are meant to believe that there is a rise of the second screen, slowly & steadily, the internet is overtaking the TV. This leads us to question whether there is any truth in it or not.

    Internet Providers are promoting the idea of streaming

    Back in the days, the internet was used for basic tasks such as emails, web browsing, and social media. Now, the use of the internet has reached far before horizons. Every device now requires the internet to function. Internet providers are now promoting the idea of streaming.

    They offer ultra-fast download speeds to support HD or 4K streaming. Moreover, the monthly data is unlimited so data caps are no problem at all. The best example is Cox Communications. Cox internet packages are already very efficient for streaming. However, Cox cable packages have transitioned to support the streaming of on-demand titles.

    Many other providers still focus only on their internet service and promote the idea of streaming on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

    Cord-cutting movement

    This is a growing movement and has taken the world by storm. The movement does not require any grassroots level activism but the collective despair and angst among the people have sparked it further. Throughout the years, TV providers have charged customers with hefty monthly bills.

    The monthly bills keep on increasing after the end of the promotional term. There are taxes, sports, and other surcharges on top making an average consumer off the budget. Therefore, more and more people are switching to other forms of entertainment.

    Streaming is the new cool

    Streaming became immensely popular after Netflix and Amazon Prime took over the entertainment industry at the start of this decade. Netflix was originally DVD-rental based service. With the internet and its advancement, it became a streaming powerhouse. Today, more and more streaming services are taking over traditional TV. You can binge-watch all your favorite TV shows on the go.

    The best thing about all these services is that you need a TV set to watch them. Just use your cellphone or a tablet to watch a movie at any given time. Therefore, we can assume that the convenience of watching anything from the comfort of your bed or couch is somewhat amazing.

    This has led people to ditch their TV sets. For people living in a small apartment, the hassle of setting it up is not worth it. Nevertheless, the beauty of watching on a small screen is that you can take your cellphone where you go.

    Is the Internet Overtaking TV for good?

    Now streaming platforms would make you believe that the internet overtaking TV and that extinction is imminent. However, the reality is the opposite. Traditional TV cannot fall off the map. Providers and networks are following modern trends. The cable and internet providers now offer advanced features such as an On-demand service containing thousands of movies and TV shows to watch at bay.

    Moreover, the providers have made TV channels just like streaming platforms. For example, the advanced DVR functionality helps them to record and pause live TV. You have cloud storage to save the episodes of any TV show.


    Although more and more people are switching to streaming it does not mean the internet is completely taking over the TV.

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