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    Keeping Yourself Safe behind the Wheels through Exercise

    “Is exercise important for driving the vehicle?” is a question that creates ambiguity in our minds. For most of us, exercise has no relationship with driving skills. Generally, we accept that exercise is very important for healthy living, but it becomes irrelevant when we drive. However, the fitness experts and trainers think differently. They believe that simple exercises improve not only your driving skills but also contribute a lot to your safety while sitting behind the steering wheel.

    Let’s discuss the role of physical exercises for becoming a safe driver on the roads!

    What does physical exercise do for you?

    It keeps you healthy and active all the time. Physical exercises help you improve your decision making and visualize the surroundings properly. You will have a clear mind and active body all the day after doing some workout.

    Whether all these benefits are important for a driver or not? Well, we all know that

    • A driver must be active and healthy.
    • He must be in a perfect condition of health.
    • He must have quick decision-making skills.
    • He must visualize the dark spots easily.
    • He must drive with a clear mind and active body.

    I think that these facts have helped us find the relevancy between physical exercises and driving. Let’s discuss it in details!

    What do the fitness experts find in their researches about the drivers?

    According to the researches and surveys, the drivers, who exercise daily, perform exceptionally well in the following situations:

    • They can turn their head quite easily to keep themselves aware of the surroundings.
    • The blind spots are always in their eyes and mind when they speed up, change the lane, overtake other vehicles and slow down.
    • They can move their body easily to see the difficult areas while they are reversing or turning to right-hand.
    • They can keep themselves active for a long time.
    • Their overall flexibility is always better than the drivers, who do not exercise.

    Conversely, some surveys also tell us the deficiencies and drawbacks of those drivers, who do not exercise. Let’s have a look at these researches as well!

    • They need to turn their whole body with their head to observe the surroundings while driving.
    • They feel tired after driving just an hour or so.
    • They need to move ahead to see the blind spots easily. It makes the changing lane activity very difficult for them.

    This discussion confirms that physical exercises on a daily basis develop a positive and safe driving attitude in the drivers. These exercises also keep us ready to face the challenges and difficult situations and resolve them efficiently.

    In the following section, we will discuss the important types of exercises and their planning.

    What are the important exercises for car drivers?

    According to the body structure and required flexibility during driving, physical and bodily strength is equally important. Therefore, we recommend the following types of exercise to all who drive, whether regularly or occasionally.

    Strength Exercises

    For a long drive, strength plays an important role. You need power for pushing the brakes, moving around and focusing on the surroundings. For making the body strong and active, squats and biceps curls can be wonderful.

    The Range of Motion Exercises

    Actions tell your range of motion. For example, if you want to put on your seatbelt efficiently, the range of motion is very important. For that, you need performance exercises. Heel drops and back stretches can help you improve your body and motion ranges.

    Flexibility Exercises

    Flexibility is really important for moving your body easily. Shoulder stretches and expansions and chest exercises make you flexible and quick mover.

    Coordination Exercises

    Eye to hand, eye to foot and hand to foot coordination must be perfect for a driver. It becomes relevant for a driver when he needs to turn and brake simultaneously. Lateral steps and soccer kicks help you improve your body coordination and keep you fit for a long time.

    You need not go to the gymnasium for these exercises. You can do these exercises anywhere and at any time. If you are doing some other exercises already, can combine them with these recommended exercises.

    The driver needs planning for exercise

    For boosting the driving wellness, the routine drivers need some planning. Its importance increases when you need to begin the exercises or add the above-described exercises in your schedule.

    Here are steps for you:

    • First of all, you need the expertise of a fitness trainer. He will help you prepare a plan to perform these exercises. Exercise guides and online information can help you as well in this regard.
    • Follow the exercise program strictly. To be punctual in your plan, you can add your friends to your program as well.
    • 15 to 30 minutes are a minimum requirement for taking exercises. Anything less than that will not help you achieve your target for being active all day and during driving.

    Walking everyday

    For increasing your fitness level and endurance, walking is the easiest form of exercise. A 30 minute walking every day keeps you fit, healthy and sharp-minded all the time. It helps you enjoy some beautiful morning moments, keep your body light and flexible, and improve the visualization. You only need comfortable clothes, a pair of sneakers and a beautiful place to walk. Shopping malls, community centers, and roadside tracks are wonderful options. However, walking tracks in the beautiful park are the best place for this exercise. You can also invite your friends and family members in this activity to spend a wonderful time with them as well.

    Concluding remarks

    Driving is a hectic activity. If you are a professional driver or drive to reach your destinations, you need to be fit and active. Physical exercises help you keep motivated, enthusiastic and sharp-minded all the time.

    Overall, whether you are a driver or have any other profession, you need to spend time on exercise. It will keep you active and fit for a long time. For drivers, it becomes more important because they need to be sharp for avoiding car crashes and severe accidents.

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