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    Leather Bag Care – How and What to Do

    Leather bags can be quite an investment both in a monetary sense and also a maintenance sense. Sure, they look absolutely stunning and can fit with virtually any kind of smart casual outfit that you put together, but they’re also very easy to damage if you’re not careful and taking care of leather products is an art in itself.

    So if you’ve recently bought a brand new leather bag from Forbes & Lewis or any other major retailer and want to know the secrets of taking care of it, we’ve put together this handy article to give you a couple of tips and tricks on how.

    #1. Prevention is the best defence

    First thing’s first, if you want to take care of your leather bag the right way then you need to start with the fundamentals; preventing damage in the first place! There are a couple of ways we would recommend you protect your bag:

    Keep your bag in a pillowcase or a dust bag when it’s not being used. This will ensure that there’s no buildup of dust and will also prevent you from accidentally damaging the bag if you accidentally knock it around or bump into it.

    Use a leather protection cream as soon as possible. Leather protection creams are an inexpensive way to add a small protective barrier on your leather. It stops your leather from easily staining and helps it avoid wear and tear.

    Wear it over your arm as much as possible. This might be a weird tip, but the oils from your hands and moisturisers can actually cause damage to the leather of your bag. If you’re sweating and it’s a hot day, then holding your bag by the handle can eventually discolour it.

    Fill your bag with items when not in use. Something simple such as old clothes, paper or bubble wrap can be used to fluff up your bag to ensure it keeps its shape when you store it away.

    Be careful what you put in your bag. Pens with exposed nibs, bottles with loose caps or even food items can create lots of mess inside of your bag.

    Be mindful of how and where you store your bag. If you just throw your bag on a chair and leave it there then you’re not really taking care of it properly. Make sure you cover it with a dust cover, make sure you fill it with items to help it hold its shape and keep it somewhere where it can be free of sunlight and accidental damage.

    Don’t use home remedies to clean up stains. People might suggest crazy ideas such as using vinegar or some solution whipped up with random household items, but the truth is you should never ever use those cleaning solutions and instead stick with a professional leather cleaning product to guarantee that your bag stays clean and safe. There are no “easy tricks” here!

    So as long as you’re mindful about your bag and make sure that it’s taken care of from day one, you’re going to have a long-lasting bag that won’t be damaged, ruined or discoloured. These tips also apply to leather backpacks and leather briefcases; as long as it’s made from leather, you can follow these tips.

    #2. Proper ways to clean your leather bag

    But what if you couldn’t prevent something like a stain? What do you do then? Not to worry, as we’ve also got some practical tips on how to clear up stains, wash out grime and deal with any kind of problem that your bag may have.

    If there’s a stain, remove it right away. Keep a bottle of leather cleaner with you at all times so you get a proper way to clean up your stains and marks before they have a chance to dry.

    If the stains are old, you’ll need professional care. Old stains that you’ve neglected will need to be professionally cleaned. Don’t try any home remedies or anything crazy to get rid of it!

    Understand the different kinds of leather. Certain types of leather will require different types of products, so make sure you read the description of your bag to buy the right products to take care of it.

    Brush off any dirt before using liquid solutions. Before you do any cleaning, make sure you shake off loose dust and use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess debris. This will prepare the leather for cleaning.

    Hopefully, this guide has taught you a thing or two about how to properly prevent stains but also clean them up should they get onto your leather bag.

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