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    Long Island Laser Spine Surgery: Is it Good for You?

    All of us want to live a normal life that gives us freedom to do different kinds of activities that make us happy each day. Sadly, some of us are living with chronic pain and battling against it just to do typical day-to-day activities like doing house chores, working or even just bending over to lift an object. Learn more about it in this article.

    Most cases are aging-related health problems. For example, our joints, discs and bones undergo a normal wear and tear as we grow older. As this occurs, the result is chronic back pain associated with herniated disc, sciatica or other lower back problems. Chronic back pain is named as such by the way, because it is characterized by extreme pain for prolonged periods that won’t go away on its own unless given proper cure.

    If you’re living with sciatica, you know for sure the struggles of losing a good night’s sleep because pain awakens you every time or the difficulty to stand up after sitting for several hours or minutes. It’s also such a struggle to walk or drive long distance. Experiencing this for a long time now, you wonder: “Will I ever feel better? Will I ever live a normal life again, free from this discomfort I’m experiencing right now?”

    What is Laser Spine Surgery?

    Laser spine surgery is also known as minimally invasive spine surgery. Doctors who conduct this procedure use a focused beam of light or laser technology to remove damaged tissues and discs over the spine through a small incision. The use of laser technology to relieve back issues like herniated discs has been around since the 1980s. Thus, it’s already a pretty established technique in the medical field.

    Knowing this fact would help some who are a bit skeptical to consider this option. This is normal though that we aren’t easily convinced about a certain medical procedure. After all, it is our health at stake. Therefore, this prompts us to do more research about that particular treatment which is actually a good step towards making more informed choices. Learn more about your rights as a patient: https://www.ama-assn.org/delivering-care/ethics/patient-rights

    That said, it’s good to know that the minimally invasive spine surgery is a widely accepted medical treatment to correct certain back issues. Its advantages include minimizing tissue disruption and facilitates fast recovery, enabling patients to have shorter hospital stays. Pain subsides earlier, too, as compared to open surgery. Because it only requires smaller incisions, the procedure prevents large post-operation scars. There is also a reduced risk of infection and blood loss.

    Would it be Ideal for Your Case?

    Well, there’s no straight answer to that especially if you haven’t consulted a physician yet for your chronic back pain. Of course, your doctor needs to rule out the underlying cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing through a series of examinations including x-rays. The results of these tests will reveal whether the procedure is right for you.

    Note that this treatment isn’t suitable for just any chronic pain issues in your back. It is specifically good for patients suffering from sciatica, pinched nerve, herniated disc, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of this, perhaps, it’s time to search for Long Island laser spine surgery specialists who will assess your case and provide you this treatment.

    Once you’ve been evaluated by your specialist, it is also important that he explain what other treatment options would be ideal for you. Then, try to get to know more about these options by asking your doctor about the advantages and the disadvantages of each. A good physician will let his patients make a personal decision with regards to his treatment options.

    You don’t have to endure your chronic back pain for a long time. Laser spine surgery might just be the right medical procedure for you. It requires only short hospital stays, it facilitates fast recovery, it won’t give you large scars, you will have less risk for infection and blood loss and on top of it all, you’ll be able to get rid of that discomfort you’re experiencing now as soon as possible.

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