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    Luxury Car Features For The Coolest Ride Ever

    In April 2021, the Top Gear guys–Paddy, Freddie, Christ, and of course The Stig–declared the Rolls Royce Ghost to be the best luxury vehicle on the market. A close second is the Mercedes Maybach. But what sets a luxury vehicle apart from the rest? Why, accessories of course! When it comes to luxury car accessories, there are many exciting options.

    Custom Scents and Air Purification

    Let’s face it, most common air fresheners look tacky, and putting one in a high end car just won’t do. Thankfully, some luxury vehicle makers have come up with solutions to rectify this problem. Mercedes-Benz offers a system that disperses scent into the vehicle’s interior via the air vents.

    The chosen scent is dispensed from a glass jar situated in the glove compartment, The driver can control the strength and frequency of scent distribution via the vehicle’s infotainment system. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Ghost features an air filtration system that detects contaminants and switches to recirculation automatically.

    Luxury Materials

    Some carmakers allow buyers to customize the interior of their new car by incorporating the driver’s personal materials, such as their own wood, into the car’s interior trim or dashboard. Porsche offers leather trim on seat belt buckles and air vents. Maybach drivers have the option to have real granite as a trim material.

    Rolls Royce offers a planetarium-type feature on the ceiling of their vehicles. LED lights will replicate the stars according to their position on a specific date. And for the exterior? How about a ceramic coating for cars? It is a liquid polymer that hardens into a shiny, protective layer. Dirt, dust and grime will rinse right off before they can scratch or harm the paint.

    Fancy Accessories

    For car buyers lucky enough to have a chauffeur, the Mercedes-Benz S600 offers a champagne chiller in the backseat center console. Special holders secure silver-plated champagne flutes, passengers can celebrate without spilling their wine or breaking a glass. For an extra $30,000 Aston Martin DB9 buyers can embrace their inner James Bond by remotely controlling their car with a transponder watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

    The Bentley Bentayga is available with a Mulliner Tourbillon mechanical clock set into the dash. For $190,000 car buyers can choose between white and rose gold.

    Unique, exclusive accessories are what really set luxury cars apart from what everyone else is driving. Some practical (the automatic air filter that will protect drivers from the Covid-19 virus) and some fun (champagne flutes and a starry ceiling!), for the car buyer with the right budget, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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