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    Luxury Hotels in Italy With In-Room Jacuzzi

    Italy is a piece of beautiful scenery that sits seductively within the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

    As the birthplace of the Renaissance art, Italy boasts of extravagant collections of historical art masterpieces, ancient monuments, uniquely sophisticated cuisines and romantic coastlines that give it an outstanding natural attraction.

    It is the fifth most visited country in the world for international tourism and every year, over 50 million people visit just to indulge in her history in all its essence.

    For many on romantic getaways or personal treats, nothing beats the experience of a sensual night in a deep hot tub in Italy and this has made a luxury suite with Jacuzzi in Italy a must-have for leisure travelers.

    So next time you visit Italy, make sure you don’t deny yourself of this luxury and the reasons are simple.

    It is a luxury retreat

    The soul is too fragile, so it requires occasional pampering.

    For most people in busy cities, there is always that point where they start feeling exhausted and everything appears to be falling apart.

    Fortunately, a luxury suite with Jacuzzi in Italy offers a perfect escape to rejuvenate the soul and indulge it in worldly vanities.

    Make you fall in love again

    Indulging in the vanities of an in-room Jacuzzi with someone you love can make you fall in love all over again.

    The warm water, the unclothedness, the close quarters and the ambience combines to create a romantic sanctuary.

    You can start by decorating your tub with romantic candles to create a romantic ambience, use the right playlist to set the proper mood and then savor the sensual moment with sips of champagne and some refreshing snacks.

    Indulge in utmost privacy

    A suite with its own private Jacuzzi in one of the luxury hotels in Italy can provide a luxury retreat from the heat and a private space to enjoy the spa-like sense of luxury without interruption.

    Sit comfortably and allow the warm water to glide through your skin and enjoy the sensual feelings, as you reminiscence about your day.

    You can request for a private spa service from the hotel’s wellness center, or better still, allows your partner to massage away your worries.

    Enjoy the healthy benefits

    Sitting in a Jacuzzi for a period of time has a number of health benefits, according to a study by Steady Health.

    It is particularly helpful in reducing stress, relieving muscle pains and improving blood circulation throughout the body, especially to the extremities.

    I am sure this is something you want.

    You need it in Florence

    For travelers making their way through Italy, Florence is a must see.

    Florence is the motherland of Renaissance art and it is a proud curator of over 50% of all the Italian’s historical artifacts.

    It is home to some of the world’s most famous historical masterpieces like the Florence Cathedral, the Galleria dell’ Accademia, the Uffizi Palace and Gallery and the statue of David.

    A luxury hotel at the heart of Florence with a private terrace Jacuzzi will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Florence from the warm comfort of your tub.

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