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    4 Practical Ways to Make Money While Traveling the Globe

    To be able to travel the world and make money while doing it is a dream come true to many people. When most people think of traveling, they begin to think how they need to plan out a year in advance, and how they have to make all these other calculated plans in order to travel. Well, the truth is, it’s not that hard, but it is all dependent on your financial and home life situations.

    You can easily travel the world and make money while doing it. These ways to make money might not be the conventional way of income that you’re used to, but hey, it’s money! Plus, you’ll be in a country you only saw in magazines! If there is nothing holding you back from globe-trotting, then pack your bags, and I’ll help you along the way! Check out these practical ways to earn money while traveling the globe.

    Become a Flight Attendant

    If you’re wanting to see the world, what better way to see the world than to become a flight attendant. Whether you want to see the night lights of Las Vegas or be greeted with margaritas upon landing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the perks of becoming a flight attendant are endless.

    One of the perks of being a flight attendant is that you not only get to fly for free, but your family and friends get to fly free too. Now with that, there is certain restriction associated according to the airline, but still, free flights for yourself and family is definitely a perk among flight attendants… imagine, being able to fly free on the very vessel that can be the most expensive part of travel plans for people.

    The pay for flight attendants start out pretty low, but as you get more seasoned within your airline, your pay will increase. After flying the friendly skies for quite some time, you can make up to as much as $80,000 annually, so stick to it if it interests you. Also, as a flight attendant, it’s the overnight stays that allow you to see the city or country you’re in! So there you have it… travel and room and board!

    Consider Au Pair

    Not too many people have heard of this term, but if you’re wanting to travel the world and get paid doing it, you should familiarize yourself with the term! An au pair is a single, young adult, with no children, typically between the ages of 18-30 years of age.

    As an au pair, you would travel to a foreign country for a set amount of time, and live with a hosting family. Now, au pairs are typically young women, but it would just depend on the hosting family’s preference.

    While you’re living with your hosting family, you would receive free room and board as well as a weekly stipend. On average, your weekly stipend will be at least a minimum of $195.75. Your stipend is typically paid to you directly and can come in the form of cash, checks, or direct deposit.

    Start Your Own Travel Blog

    So there are tons of ways you can make money by starting your own travel blog. When it comes to travel blogs, pictures are a big part of it. I mean think about it, you want to have a visually appealing website, and if the photos you take are high-quality, then people will start requesting your services by way of selling stock photos.

    Did you know that you can also make money through your blog getting paid by hotels, restaurants, and attractions to try them out and write a review about them? A lot of people don’t realize that but its a real thing, and definitely worth considering!

    Now, in order to even get started on all that, you have to create the blog first. There are all types of programs out there to get your travel blog going, just be sure you pick one that will generate a site unique to you.

    Rent Your Home Out

    If you indeed are wanting to travel the world, you will definitely need to make sure you have steady money coming in. While you’re away on your travels, one way to keep steady cash flow coming in your pockets is to rent your home out.

    Taking care of home is one of the many things you need to do to prepare yourself before international travel. The app Airbnb allows you to do just that. It will allow you to rent out your home to guests looking for lodging options. The prices on Airbnb are typically cheaper than hotel rates, and that’s why the app is so popular.

    The payment process for Airbnb is quite simple. It accepts all major credit cards, as well as various other methods of payment. Airbnb will take a small percentage of the payment, and from there Airbnb will handle the rest of the secure payment process. But be sure to check your neighborhood’s regulations on the renting of your home, to make sure you’re not violating any HOA laws.

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