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    Marriage Consultant in Dubai for Court Requirements

    Not just the number of marriages but also the number of marriage lawyers in Dubai is increasing at a faster pace. The reason behind it can also be the need for marriage counselling for the people before they step into the next stage of their life.

    In most parts of the world, people do not really consider the need of getting counselling services because they think they are good enough for all the changes that await them. This might be true to some extent but taking proper counselling help may act as much in the favor of the person. Even they are doing court marriage in UAE, they need assistance.

    What is marriage?

    Marriage is considered to be the only legal bond that is present between a man and a woman to have children. Marriage is basically a legal contract which needs proper counselling of the people for sure.

    Different countries perceive different meaning for the word marriage. Here are some of the different types of marriages:

    Monogamous marriage: Monogamy involves one partner at a time. This is considered to bet the most common of all the types of marriage. People consider it more stable and a less conflicted marriage involving only one partner

    Polygynous marriage:

    When a man gets to marry more than one woman at a time, it is considered to be polygyny. It was considered really common in the old times and still is but not as much as monogamy for sure.

    Polyandrous marriage

    Although it quite seems controversial there are people living in Marquesan Islanders of Polynesia who observe polyandrous marriages. In these kinds of marriages, a woman gets to marry more than one men at a time.

    Marriage in the UAE

    In Dubai, Sharia law is observed because the legal system in Dubai is based upon the Islamic systems. That is why the laws here are quite strict especially the ones regarding marriages.in fact, it is totally prohibited for a man and a woman to live together if they are not married to each other.

    Requirements of marriage for Non-Muslim Expats

    • The minimum age for getting married is 18 years for both Muslims and non-Muslims
    • They should be present in the court with their 2 witnesses. Note that the witnesses must bring along their ID cards
    • There are another different requirement as well depending upon the place where the marriage is taking place.

    The usual documents required are:

    •   Original passport of the couple along with their copies
    •   Birth certificates
    •   Original passport copies of the witnesses along with their copies
    •   Certificate of medical fitness
    •   Marriage certificate of the former wedding if any
    •   Death certificate of the former spouse if any

    Requirements of marriage for Muslim Expats

    • A certain procedure is to be followed by the Muslims as well who get married as per Sharia law.
    • Registration in the court is needed so that a token number may be allotted to the couple.
    • At least one of the partners should have Dubai’s employment or residence visa.
    • Both the partners should be present in front of the court on the day of marriage.
    • The partners should show up with their ID cards, passports and pre-marriage certificates if any.

    You should take the help of marriage in Dubai through experts like hhs lawyers for seeking help for getting through the marriage procedures in an amicable manner.

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