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    Meal Kits vs. Ready-Made Meals | Which is Right?

    You may have heard about the many types of meal plans offered today. Meal plans are a great way to stay healthy and prepare any meal within minutes. Typically, there are two meal plans to choose from: Meal Kits and Ready-Made Meals. Of course, there are a few differences between the two plans, each with various benefits. If you wonder which works best for your lifestyle, let’s compare these two meal plans.

    Meal Kits

    Meal Kits are an easy way to cook a healthy and nutritious meal. Companies offer a variety of recipes that fit your diet. Whether you are vegetarian, non-dairy, or pescatarian, a meal plan caters to your needs. You can pick the recipe directly from the website and plan for the week. The ingredients arrive straight to your door in an icebox.

    The ingredients are prepackaged and equal to the exact serving for the recipe. Sometimes, a homemade recipe calls for just a tiny amount of an ingredient. A lot of times, food goes to waste. Fortunately, meal kits prep each recipe to its exact serving size. Meaning, every ingredient is used without waste.

    Meal kits can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes, depending on your choice. The fun part about meal kits is the option to cook your dinner. Studies have shown that cooking boosts self-esteem and yields a better quality of life. Driving to the grocery store, putting away groceries, and planning a meal is all very tiring. A meal kit offers all the benefits of cooking without any prep time! This is an excellent option for people who love to cook but need a little help preparing.

    Pros to Meal Kits

    • Variety of recipes to choose from
    • Reduces waste
    • Ability to cook all meals and learn from new recipes

    Cons to Meal Kits

    • Cooking still takes a significant amount of time
    • There is a limit to meals delivered per week

    Ready-Made Meals

    Ready-made meals are a great alternative to meal kits for several reasons. The number one is that some people don’t have the interest or energy to cook. Ready-made meals are delicious and fast to make. Just like a meal kit, the meal can be chosen online and delivered right to your door.

    Ready-made foods often are accompanied by a stereotype of being unhealthy. Although some ready-made meals are unhealthy, plenty are good for you. The best way to understand what is inside a ready-made food is through research. Fortunately, some companies list their ingredients, serving sizes, and calories directly on the website. Sunbasket is an excellent meal plan service that offers delicious ready-made meals that can be ready within four minutes!

    Pros To Ready-Made Meals

    • It saves time from cooking
    • Portions are catered to you
    • Easy cleanup

    Cons to Ready-Made Meals

    • Not as fresh as meal kits

    What To Choose

    It all depends on your lifestyle and needs. Meal kits are an excellent way to try out new recipes while strengthening your cooking skills. In contrast, ready-made meals skip the entire cooking process, which saves time and energy. Either option provides a variety of recipes that choose from. You can be adventurous and try something new or stick to what you know. Either way, meal kits are here to make your life easier.

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