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    Medication Free Tips to Keep Brain and Body Healthy

    Many people are looking for alternative ways to keep their mental and physical health in check without turning to medications. A lot of health issues can be prevented by putting a good program in place of healthy eating and regular exercise. Other factors that contribute to poor health can be managed so that they don’t have as much of an impact such as money and work issues. These tips cover some basic ways you can maintain a good level of health without using medication.

    Focus on Eating the Right Foods

    A fundamental way to keep your body and brain in a healthy state is by concentrating on the fuel you are supplying it to run. Junk food and fast food don’t contain the nutrients your body needs to function at its highest capacity, and you are therefore likely to feel the negative impacts. These might include being lethargic or tired, feeling low, and not having the motivation to do anything and always feeling hungry even after eating a meal.

    A recent study found that a regular diet of lower-nutritional-quality is linked to an increased risk of getting cancer. Official advice from the World Cancer Research Fund recommends limiting processed foods high in fat, starches, and sugars. The knock-on effect of eating these high fat, low nutrition foods is weight gain. This is itself carries an increased cancer risk. Recent research found that obesity ‘causes more cases of some cancers than smoking.’

    Make Time for Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise is as important as eating well, and the two really go hand in hand. According to health.gov, adults should do at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. If you are able to do more vigorous exercise, then 75 minutes per week is in line with the weekly recommended amount. On top of this adults should also be doing muscle-strengthening exercises at least two days a week to bring about further health benefits.

    The benefits of regular exercise have been known for a long time, and it really is one of the best ways to stay healthy in body and mind without turning to medication. Doing regular exercise is great way to minimize the risk of becoming obese, and it can reduce the risk of major illness such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

    Manage Your Money and Pay Off Outstanding Debt

    In a recent study carried out by Northwestern Mutual that looked at the main causes of stress for American adults, 44% said that money was the number 1 cause of stress and worry in their lives. Money related stress ranked higher than both work-related stress and a relationship worry. It just goes to show how much money can have an impact on mental health, which in turn can affect physical health too.

    Money worries can take a number of different forms from not earning enough to pay the bills to having multiple outstanding debts with credit cards and banks. One way to check your financial health is to find a company that can give you a credit report. Once you get your report, you will be able to check the impact and outstanding or previous debts have had. There are many factors that influence your report although having something like Midland Funding on your credit report can have a major impact on your chances of getting a loan or mortgage.

    Explore the Use of Herbal Remedies

    Before heading to the drug store, you might want to consider if herbal remedies could help you to treat a minor condition or ailment you have. There are many natural resources that have been used for thousands of years to help with different conditions. It’s important to make clear that many remedies are reported to have some positive effects; however, they are likely to vary between different people and may not be suitable for everyone.

    Some examples of herbal remedies and the conditions they may help to relieve include:

    • Lemon Balm – Said to have a relaxing effect on the stomach and nervous system.
    • Peppermint Tea – May help with digestion and relieve discomforts such as indigestion.
    • Rosemary – It’s thought it could help with memory by delivering more oxygen to the brain.
    • Lavinder – Reported to be an effective plant for treating inflammation, depression, and stress.

    Before using any kind of herbal remedy, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you are already using prescription medication. You should do the same if you have surgery planned or have just had surgery as it could impact on the anesthesia.

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