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    Must Visit Places in Barcelona with your Kids

    It is known that Barcelona is increasingly becoming a famous destination for families to explore. From artistic buildings, theme parks to beaches, this city is absolute magic. You will surely enjoy its rich culture and history. Also, do not forget the mouthwatering and yummy dishes from classy restaurants along the streets. It is an excellent place to visit with your family and kids. Check out some of the best child-friendly places you can visit with your kids in Barcelona.

    Fun at La Ciutadella

    This stimulating park occupies like thirty hectares of land. It complements the ever-busy Ciutat Vella, and its relaxing greenery offers shades you can hide in as you take your favorite drink. Also, La Ciutadella Park has a selection of bright and colorful flowerbeds, which kids will love. Kids and parents will enjoy watching different animals at a large zoo, as well as the boating lake. There is also enough playing space for kids’ to ensure they don’t get bored. La Ciutadella is not left behind when it comes to eye-catching pieces of art and museums

    The Labyrinth of Horta

    This park is perfect if you want to avoid crowds. It holds a human-sized hedge labyrinth that kids and parents can use to find their way to the Greek god Eros sculpture. Ensure you watch your kids, so they don’t get confused and lost along the labyrinth. If you are the type that hates crowds, then this is a perfect place to visit. This classy park is a home for lush gardens and Italian porticos, perfect for the afternoon rest. The good thing is that you can access the park to enjoy with your family after 3 PM each Sunday.

    Discover the lively Park Guell

    Park Guell is one of a kind park. It is one of the best famous attractions with a beautiful master of creation. The park’s beautiful and charming scenery includes the greenery, wildlife, and mosaic art pieces among countless others. Park Guell offers a lively and relaxing atmosphere with pillars resembling trees. It is indeed an ideal park to relax and have fun with your kids and friends. The park also offers a spectacular view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Casa Batlló dramatized visits

    Parents can travel to Barcelona with kids through Casa Batlló dramatized visits. Casa Batlló’ will organize these visits for your entire family. This will allow every attendee to unearth great pieces of art by Antoni Gaudi. This Catalan genius can inspire you to follow his footsteps if you have a passion for architecture.


    Barcelona is one of the most preferred tourist destinations by families and friends. Multiple alluring parks offer a tranquil moment for those who need peaceful moments during holidays. If you are planning a trip with your kids, the parks mentioned above will capture their minds due to the unique and colorful master of art and other child-friendly views. They will also have a captivating moment watching the wild and greenery.

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