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    19 Naughty Thing to Do in Chorus Class

    Chorus class is typically a time for harmony, melody and serious practice. But sometimes a little naughty thing can add some fun to the mix.

    19 Funny & Naughty Things to Do in Chorus:

    Here are 19 naughty things you could do in a chorus class, strictly for laughs:


    Lip-sync to the song with exaggerated and dramatic expressions, but don’t actually sing out loud. This can be especially funny when done with great enthusiasm and mimicked sound effects, leaving others guessing why they can’t hear your voice.

    Sing an Octave Higher (or Lower):

    During a song where everyone is supposed to sing in unison, suddenly switch to an octave higher or lower than everyone else. This unexpected shift will create a surprising effect, and you can enjoy watching your classmates’ confused reactions.

    Mispronounce Lyrics:

    Pick a few key words in the lyrics and pronounce them incorrectly or replace them with something silly. For example, instead of singing “Row, row, row your boat,” sing “Row, row, row your goat.” It adds a playful twist to the song.

    Exaggerate Vibrato:

    Use an overly dramatic vibrato on every note, making your voice waver dramatically. This operatic style can add a humorous and theatrical touch to the performance, making it hard for others to stay serious.

    Mime Along:

    Move your lips as if you’re singing, but don’t actually make any sound. This can be especially funny if you exaggerate your lip movements. Watch as your classmates try to figure out why they can’t hear your voice.

    Invent Dance Moves:

    Spontaneously choreograph a dance routine to accompany the song. The more exaggerated and unexpected the moves, the better. This can cause a delightful disruption as others try to keep up with your impromptu performance.

    Swap Parts:

    If your chorus is divided into different vocal parts (like soprano, alto, tenor, bass), swap parts with a friend in the middle of a song without telling anyone. This can create a funny and confusing situation as your voices clash.

    Echo Effect:

    Repeat everything the instructor says in a whisper, creating an eerie echo effect. This can be especially funny if you do it in sync with a few classmates, making the whole class feel like they’re in a spooky cave.

    Silly Faces:

    Make the silliest faces you can while singing. Try not to laugh as your classmates struggle to keep a straight face while watching your antics. This can lighten the mood and add a bit of fun to the practice.

    Random Solo:

    In the middle of a group song, belt out a random solo as if it was always part of the plan. This unexpected burst of solo singing can catch everyone off guard and add a humorous twist to the performance.

    Slow Motion Singing:

    Sing your part in slow motion, dragging out each word until it’s barely recognizable. This can create a funny, drawn-out version of the song and challenge your classmates to keep up with your tempo.

    Invisible Instruments:

    Pretend to play an invisible instrument that matches the mood of the song. Add sound effects with your voice to enhance the illusion. For example, air guitar, invisible drums, or a phantom piano can add a whimsical touch to the class.

    Change the Language:

    Start singing the song in a completely different language. Bonus points if it’s one you don’t actually speak, making up words as you go. This can create a hilarious and confusing version of the song.

    Opera Style:

    Turn every song into an opera performance, complete with grand gestures and dramatic expressions. Use a powerful, operatic voice to add a touch of high drama to the class, making even the simplest song feel like a grand aria.

    Beatboxing Interlude:

    Add an unexpected beatboxing segment into the middle of a classical piece. This modern twist can create a fun contrast and catch everyone off guard, blending contemporary sounds with traditional music.

    Echo Harmony:

    Sing an echo harmony slightly off-key to add a unique twist to the performance. This can create a dissonant and humorous effect, challenging your classmates to stay on key while you create a playful echo.

    Freeze Frame:

    Suddenly freeze in place mid-song and see if anyone follows suit. This can create a funny, frozen tableau and make everyone wonder what’s going on. It’s a playful way to disrupt the flow and get a laugh.

    Conduct Yourself:

    Start conducting the choir yourself with exaggerated and over-the-top movements. Pretend to be the maestro and see if anyone follows your lead. This can add a humorous layer of chaos to the rehearsal.

    Lyrical Substitutions:

    Replace all the nouns in the song with the word “banana” and try to keep a straight face while singing. For example, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” becomes “Twinkle, twinkle, little banana.” This silly substitution can create a lot of laughs.

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