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    How to Keep Your Baby Safer in a Newborn Photography Session

    Keeping recollections of the early years is one of the greatest family legacies. Everyone is fascinated by their pictures as newborn babies. However, newborn photography is not as easy as it sounds. Care and expertise are needed in order to protect the baby and get a fantastic shot to add to your glorious album book.

    Here, we will enlighten you with some tips that will make newborn photography safer so you can shoot those thrilling pictures without compromising the health of your little one.

    Sanitize your Hands

    Newborn babies are delicate, and they are vulnerable to a lot of different infections. The first precaution a professional should take after setting up the photography equipment is to apply a good hand sanitizer to protect the baby’s delicate body from infections.

    Use a Softbox Kit

    Bright flashes can be detrimental to an infant’s health. However, there are kits that can help soften the light effects. These kits provide soft light that protects the baby’s delicate eyes from harmful flashlights and guarantees good quality shots as well. Experts in Newborn Baby Photography Houston TX, for instance, cannot do without these kits as most parents will insist on using them.

    Don’t Overfeed the Baby

    Some photographers have the habit of asking parents to overfeed their babies so that they will temporarily pass out, and therefore, will be easier to take a picture of.

    This practice should be avoided as it exposes the baby to health issues such as fuzziness, flatulence, vomiting, and disruption of healthy eating patterns. Your baby must be comfortable while being photographed.

    Use the Right Light Angle

    For good newborn photography to be achieved, the angle of the photograph should be arranged in such a way, it prevents one-dimensional, flat-light images. The better option would be to position the arrangement about three feet away from the window and set it up at about a 60° angle of your window to capture that perfect shot.

    However, this set-up is dependent on the size of the window, the distance between the window and the floor, and the intensity of light.

    Avoid Overheating

    Most photographers turn up the temperature to make the baby feel comfortable while taking the picture. Additionally, most photographers use a lot of powerful machines to have the perfect lighting. These lights tend to heat up the set-up area. Much care should be taken so that the baby doesn’t end up being too hot and breathing too fast.

    Don’t Pose the Baby in an Unnatural Position

    An overzealous photographer may be tempted to exploit the baby’s natural flexibility by posing it in an unnatural position to get a fantastic shot. This is an unhealthy practice since babies are very fragile, and can get bruised or injured easily. Some poses may also block the free circulation of blood and intake of oxygen.

    Keep the Mom Around

    For the photographer to ensure a safe space for the baby, the mom should be around to watch out for signs of discomfort. Such as, covering eyes with hands, crying, if the baby is feeling too hot or cold, etc.

    It’s trite to note that only a safe and comfortable baby will look good in a photo. A distressed baby will not make a good memory in later years.

    It’s interesting to note that there are specialized courses that will make photographers more qualified to undertake newborn photography. As a wise parent, it’s necessary to ask for such certifications before exposing your baby to a photo shoot.

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