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    The Perfect Place for White Water Rafting Fanatics | Colorado

    Colorado is known for the greenest landscapes, picture-perfect mountain peaks and crystal-clear rivers, which is why it is also called Colorful Colorado. The whole state covers at least 75% of America’s land area. Denver, the state’s capital, is nicknamed the “Mile High City” because it’s 1 mile above sea level.

    Colorado is home to the most colossal natural hot spring pool in the world located in Glenwood Springs; it is two-blocks long, and right across Hotel Colorado. Another fun fact about this beautiful territory is that it’s the only U.S. State that refused to host the Olympics in 1976 because of the local government’s hesitance to spend the cost of the said event. Talk about practicality!

    The Love for Water Sports

    Water sports are perhaps one of the most thrilling recreational activities people enjoy, and Colorado is not short of thrills and adventures. Aside from hot springs that are perfect for an afternoon dip, this place has thousands of lakes, reservoirs, and rivers where travelers can have a relaxing swim. But apart from swimming, other activities that can be done in the Colorado waters are canoeing and kayaking while taking in the view of the Rocky Mountains. Another well-loved water sport that is hard to resist is white water rafting in Colorado.

    Where to go in Colorado for white water rafting ?

    Arkansas River is one of the most well-known rivers in Colorado. One fun activity in this famous river that every local or tourist must try at least once is white water rafting in Colorado. White water rafting is an outdoor water sport that involves hopping onto a plastic inflatable boat and paddling to navigate through rough waters and river rapids. That scary sensation of being rocked and swayed by the mighty waters while getting drenched all over is a truly unique experience.

    People who love outdoors and crave adventure would find white water rafting in Colorado satisfying and enjoyable, but first-timers can surely have fun as well. There’s nothing more thrilling and exciting than the feeling of adrenaline pumping into your veins. What a rush!

    How to enjoy white water rafting ?

    Both solo and group thrill-seekers can have equal fun in water rafting. Families and friends can also make the most out of this beautiful experience by doing it in teams; these teams can race towards the wild river rapids. A race that involves a water boat and a group of competitive rafters – how exciting is that? Although this water sport is not for the faint of heart, everyone is encouraged to try it because nothing beats a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this.

    White water rafting is safe; every boat is equipped with life vests and helmets to ensure the safety of every person, and professional rafters will paddle with you every step of the heart-pumping way. This water activity is kid-friendly, so parents need not worry. Don’t be afraid to get wet and wild; it’s all part of having a good time.

    It is easy to experience all of these for yourself. Just search for white water rafting packages that provide not only water rafting activities but also zip line tours. There is no better combination for fun and recreation than rafting and zip lines!

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