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    What to Pack if you are Planning on Going on a Long Hike

    One of the best ways to go out into nature and explore it, while also getting some good exercise, is a long hike. A long hike can help you get away from your otherwise busy lifestyle, and have some peace and quiet before you have to come back to your routine life. You can plan this with your friends, get it arranged via a tour guide or company, or travel alone instead. In any case, if you plan on going on a long hike, then you need to pack a few essentials at all costs. Here is a list of some must-have objects to pack if you are planning on going on a long hike:

    #1. Hiking Backpack

    A good quality, durable, versatile, and spacious backpack that is meant for hiking, in particular, is something that everyone who hikes would have. Their prices are often a lot higher than regular bags, but considering that they can last for a lot of years, they are considered to be a good investment. A good quality hiking backpack has enough space for all your items, and also has designated straps meant for more comfortable carrying and more back support, and designated pockets for certain specific things.

    #2. Appropriate Clothing

    Depending on where you are hiking and at what time of the year, you will need different kinds of clothes. A good pair of durable pants and a moisture wicking shirt, along with a few layers in case it gets cold are some essentials you should pack.

    Depending on the weather, a dependable jacket that is wind resistant and lightweight can also be packed. In terms of accessories, sunglasses might prove to be a good buy as well in case it is scorching and sunny where you are hiking.

    #3. Appropriate Shoes

    Even if you own a pair of good trainers or running shoes, they might not be suitable for the hiking terrain. A good pair of hiking boots allow the wearer to have a better grip on the terrain so that they do not fall and get injured or slip. Investing in some hiking boots or shoes is a little costly at first, but is extremely worth it in the end.

    #4. Food and Water

    Keeping an ample supply of water and food with you is a must. If you plan on staying long, keep a lot of easy to cook foods or canned foods that can be eaten quickly. Just in case, always pack extra food with you for another week or more in case of an accident or any mishaps.

    This also applies to water supplies. Keep a lot of water with you; as much as can be carried. Apart from that, pack water purification pills or liquids in case you run out and need to use other sources of water.

    #5. Navigation tools

    Packing a compass and a map is always very important when you are hiking. If you are in a group, hiking alone, or with a guide, a map that can be easily read and understood, and a compass, can help you in case you get lost or lose track of the hiking trail.

    It is also recommended that if you do not know how to read a map or use a compass, then you learn how to do so before a long hike. There can be all sorts of mishaps on a long hike so one should always be prepared.

    #6. Medications and a first aid kit

    A small first aid kit with bandages, cotton, alcohol wipes, a stitching or sewing kit, and medicine is a must have for anyone planning on going on a long hike. In medication, you should always have any prescription medication that you take (with extra doses of it), painkillers, antibiotic medicines, and anti-malarial medicines. Experts at Click Pharmacy recommend using drugs such as doxycycline, malarone, and lariam which helps prevent malarial symptoms and fight malaria as well. On long hikes, these should always be kept with you.

    #7. Bug spray and bed net

    Having a bug spray, bug repellent, and a bed net with you at all times is extremely important, even if you do not plan on camping. In case of any emergencies, these objects can help protect you from different insects and all the diseases they may be carrying. Insect repellent should be used liberally on all exposed skin, and if needed, it should be reapplied frequently during the hike.

    #8. Knife or Multitool

    The last object that one should always carry with them when planning on going on a long hike is a knife, or preferably a good quality multi-tool which has a knife, a cutter, scissors, and a screwdriver etc. There are all sorts of ways in which such a tool could be used on a hike, which is why it is recommended to invest in a versatile one.

    Such a tool can help in case you get stuck in some plants or vines if you have to open some food packaging, or even if you need to light a fire etc.

    #9. Electronics

    Long hikes are often an excuse to get away from the world, but in case of emergencies, one should always keep their phone with them at all times. In fact, if the area has cell coverage, then it is also recommended to bring a power bank so that the phone can be used for longer in case any help is needed.

    #10. Energy bars

    For long hikes when you cannot stop or slow down to eat a proper meal that you might have packed, energy and protein bars are a great way to get on the go energy. These are also exceptionally good because they pack a lot of nutrition and do not require any extra cooking time.

    Being prepared before going on a long hike is the best way to ensure that you are as safe as possible. With these 10 things to pack, you will be perfectly prepared for everything.

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