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    Popular Travel Destinations for Students In 2023

    Younger generations don’t spare their money when it comes to travel. It is one of the experiences most young people view as valuable as the education of owning a house. So, no wonder travel among younger generations is on the rise across the world. Many countries have also responded to such a trend by accommodating their most loyal and youngest tourists. As a result, students have a large variety of states to visit, both accessible and affordable.

    But what else do students want in a travel destination? They want it to be fun, exciting, rewarding, and easy. Of course, everyone would have their own personal preferences as well. However, these criteria pretty much cover the basics. So, let’s see what places fall under such a definition. These are the popular destinations students choose to travel to these days.


    Morocco has always been one of the most famous vacation destinations in Africa. Its climate is less severe than further South. Its location is accessible and close to Europe, while its culture and history make Morocco such a unique, magical place to see for yourself. When coming to Morocco, students must be ready for its unique architecture, vibrant colors, and exciting gardens. Even the smells and sounds in Morocco are somehow different and interesting.

    Remember that the best time to visit Morocco is in spring or autumn. These seasons will be perfect for long walks across cities and resting on the beach. However, summer and winter will be perfect for a quieter time in Morocco without tourist crowds. It is also a perfect time to see or even stay in the desert. Though, you better learn about traveling in the desert before you book a trip. You can read the recent review on writing services and order a brief research paper on the matter if you want.


    Portugal has been rising in popularity among all kinds of travelers, from tourists to students and ex-pats. This country can meet all your needs and desires. Delicious, fresh, unique food? Check! Pleasant, warm climate? Check! Lots of beaches and beautiful nature? Of course! But Portugal also offers an affordable lifestyle and low prices on necessities and food.

    Overall, travelers will find Portugal a wonderful mix of history and modernity, culture and practicality. Portugal is known for its medieval castles and tiny old villages with ancient cobblestone streets. However, it is also a place for grand hotels, vibrant nightlife, and famous surfing locations.


    Greece attracts thousands of tourists each year, in summer especially. Young people mainly travel to Greek islands for fun and relaxing experiences and to the mainland for culture and history. The islands are perfect for beach holidays and nightlife. You will enjoy gorgeous nature, swim in the warm sea, and have plenty of activities to choose from, like rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, and more.

    Cities like Athens or Thessaloniki offer typical urban travel experiences like visiting museums and art galleries, shopping, and great dining options. However, students can also attend ancient Greek ruins, such as Acropolis. It carries great cultural and historical meaning to the Greeks, so it’s a must for newcomers.


    How can any travel list be complete without Italy? Of course, many young people from all over the world are excited about visiting Italy on holiday. It is such an iconic, unique country! Plus, any city you go to there will be different from the other. North and South Italy cook different pasta shapes and consider their local cuisine the best. Well, maybe it is up to you to find out who’s right!

    Travelers also come to Italy for the Vatican. It’s such an odd concept – a country within a country. Yet, it works perfectly well for both states. The Vatican is full of great art pieces. Some are native to the Vatican and were painted/made by the most famous talents. Other pieces are a part of the Vatican collection from all over the world. It is like the biggest museum in the world.


    There is so much to do, see, and taste in Turkey! It is impossible to list all in just one itinerary. Students often come to Turkey during summer or early autumn. It is an ideal season for beach vacations and hiking. However, it may get too hot for many other activities. Fortunately, Turkey has plenty of attractions and activities throughout the year.

    This country is a rare blend where old and new, traditions and modernity, coexist perfectly together. So you can visit ancient old towns with law buildings, authentic architecture, and preserved cultures and traditions. Yet, the same area can also host festivals like Cappadocia Balloon Festival. By the way, it is probably one of the world’s most famous (non-music) festivals. People come to Turkey, Cappadocia specifically, to see hundreds of air balloons rising in the sky.

    Bottom line

    These are just a few of many affordable, fun, and popular travel destinations for students. However, no matter where you are going, we’re sure you will have a wonderful time. You only need a positive attitude, an open mind, and a good itinerary. Just make sure to finish all your homework before traveling. You won‘t have a single minute for yourself, so read tons of students’ comments on various writing services and make a choice before you take off.

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