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    Choose the Prefect Wedding Dress based on your Body Shape

    There is such a wide variety of wedding dress silhouettes available today that you it can get challenging to find the one that’s just right for you. Rather than choosing a fashion or shade that appeals to your eyes, it is better to go for what works with or complements your body shape and complexion. To look your best on your wedding day, aim to get a gown that flatters your figure instead of working against it. Many brides go through a body transformation in preparation for their big day so be aware that your figure could change, an experienced wedding dress consultant and a seamstress will be a able to help you discover what works well.

    The Pear

    Pear-shaped women have more weight around the hips, bottom and thighs with a smaller upper body and a nice waist. Ball gowns and empire line dresses go well with a pear shape. The ball gown will help to emphasize your waist and highlight your upper body. Empire line dresses are also a great choice with their high waist and soft, straight flowing skirt. When choosing bridal jewellery from Glitzy secrets, you should prefer earrings and necklaces which would emphasize your upper body over bracelets that draw attention down.

    If you are a pear, keep away from mermaid and trumpet dresses that draw eyes to the bottom. Sheaths are also an absolute no.

    The Apple

    Apple-shaped women have a full bust, weight around the stomach and narrow hips, bottom and thighs. They also typically have broader shoulders and slender arms and legs.

    When choosing a gown for your apple shape, think along the lines of a neckline that attracts attention upward and cinching in of or definition to your waist. Plunging and V necklines are good to flatter your upper body. As far as the choice of dress goes, an A-line gown with a dropped waist or an empire line dress will work wonders for your figure. Other suggestions are a wide waist ribbon, and asymmetrical rushing or pleating.

    Refrain from picking out a mermaid, trumpet or column style dress as it would draw attention to your waist.

    Slim and straight

    If you are slender, with your bust and hips more or less the same size and a waist that may or may not be well-defined, you are a banana shape and you have a slim and straight figure. Your aim should be to go with a gown that would create curves for you. A-line and mermaid dresses help to do exactly that. So would a ball gown with its figure-hugging bodice and full skirt. If you want a classy and elegant look, the sheath style is worth considering. With its straight, fitted cut with a nipped waistline, it’s a great choice. The wonderful thing about the banana body is that almost any style suits them so feel free to experiment at the bridal store.

    Beading, cowls or other embellishment will give your bust a lift if your figure requires it. If you have an overly bony collarbone, avoid halter or off-shoulder necklines.

    The Hourglass

    The hourglass figure is characterized by a wide bust and hips that are in balance with each other and a very narrow waist. If you’re an hourglass shape, mermaid and trumpet gowns with their fit and flare style are great to flaunt your curves. A-line gowns with a dropped hem, dresses with a considerable dropped waist and corset dresses would also look splendid on you.

    A sweetheart neckline is great to flaunt your upper half and maybe you can go a notch further with spaghetti straps. However, if you prefer something more modest, consider a scoop neckline.

    Empire wedding dresses may not be as flattering as the other styles for your body shape and so, are best avoided.

    Inverted Triangle

    In the inverted triangle body shape, the upper body is larger in comparison to the lower one, shoulders are broad and the waist and hips are slim. Your aim when choosing a gown for this body shape is to put across the impression of a wider lower body while keeping attention away from your upper body.

    Embellished or sheath wedding dresses would flatter an inverted triangle body shape. You could also consider any style with a voluminous skirt.  Sleeves would help to hide wider shoulders. Alternatively, you could consider thick straps to make the shoulder width less obvious. For the neckline, a V is the best choice. Avoid detail-incorporating necklines,
    off-shoulders and halter-necks which would only overemphasize your broad shoulders.

    Now that you know what style(s) suit you, you are ready to shop. Do take your time to look at and try out different designs of a particular dress style to see which one is the right fit and makes you feel like a princess.

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