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    What Should You Notice While Purchasing Tempered Glass Table Top?

    Tempered glass is a popular modern construction material among many contractors. When designing a house many architects get requests of using tempered glass within modern homes by homeowners. The incorporation of the glass as a building material makes a home look trendy and flashy. It is a trend that has been embraced by young homeowners due to their need to remain flashy and sleek. It is important to understand what tempered glass is before going into further details of its applications in glass table tops.

    What is tempered glass?

    Have you ever been to an office where all the partitions were glass? How about glass walls on a skyscraper? All these use tempered glass due to its high strength. Tempered glass is made by exposing standard glass to high temperatures and a lot of chemicals. There are specific chemicals that are produced and designed to make the surface of glass hardened than normal. When the glass is exposed to extreme heat conditions, it undergoes through both tension and compression on either side.

    In addition to this, the glass is also dipped in many liters of chemicals to complete the hardening process. Comparing the tempered glass to the standard type, it is known to be about four times harder. This is a primary reason why it has been a popular material in building high rise buildings also glass top table.

    What makes tempered glass popular for glass top tables.

    Glass top tables have been considered to be trendy in the 21st century. Many homeowners prefer glass top tables as compared to the traditional wooden ones. There are many types of glass that can be used in the construction of such tables, but the tempered type is most preferred. But why is it more preferred yet it is expensive than others? The following characteristics of the tempered glass make it popular among designers and homeowners.

    Resistant to scratch

    Glass top tables are mostly used on many occasions with in a  home. When a  table is made of standard glass, there are high chances of it being scratched because it is not hard enough.In-homes that have children, they are more prone to putting scratches on the tables as they play around. The durability of the glass in a house is dependent on its ability to resist scratches. When it is more resistant to scratches,then it can last for many years. Homeowners who do not need to spend money in future replacing the glass tops made from standard glass invest in tempered glass table tops. They enjoy the long-term services before they need replacement. 

    Tempered glass is safe

     The safety of home owners and the propel within their homes is crucial. Having homes with most materials made of glass can be risky since accidents can happen. When accident shappen on glass top tables that are made of standard glass, the shattered glass may cause injuries such as deep cuts. No homeowner would want to risk their children or family members being injuries by shattered glass.

    For this reason, tempered glass is mostly preferred in the construction of the glass top tables. The tempered glass when put under too much pressure that it cannot hold shatters into small pebble-like pieces. The pieces cannot injure anybody who is within the environment.

    They are easily customized.

    Customizing glass materials can be expensive due to the equipment and expertise required. The tempered glass table tops require a high level of precision when being installed. Ideally, the technology used in producing tempered glass is mostly available at the production level.Therefore, homeowners can easily request for custom made tempered glass tops instead of shopping around from suppliers. Also, when they need replacement due to shattering or cracking, the companies producing them can be easily contacted to provide customized pieces.

    They can withstand high temperatures

    Placing hot materials on glass top tables is almost a taboo for homeowners. This may be a problem when the standard glass is used in making table glass tops. Accidents may occur, and when a hot material placed on the glass, it may shatter. This could be injurious and results to a loss for the homeowner. Tempered glass has been designed to withstand high temperatures.Hotpots or plates can be placed on the glass without the risk of cracking or shattering. This can be done repeatedly, and the homeowner does not need to put restrictions on the users of the table.

    Additionally, the tempered glass table tops can be placed outside during the summer season when there are extreme temperatures. This is due to its resistance to cracking when exposed to such temperatures. It is thus a popular material s for use by homeowners and designers when creating the glass table tops.

    Factors to consider when buying tempered glass table tops

    Buying tempered glass table tops may be an easy task.However, there are many factors that a homeowner may need to consider when making purchases. If you are wondering what to do before purchasing tempered glass table tops, here are details of what to consider.

    The shape of the table

    Putting tempered glass table tops within the house today is categorized as beatification. Having the trendy tables makes a home to be stylish and sleek. Therefore, introducing shapes that are modern can go a long way into changing the appearance of eh house. Before ordering a tempered glass from the manufacturer or a local supplier, the homeowner is required to understand the type of shape they want for their homes. Researching on the trendiest designs can help in choosing shapes that may complement the home.

    However,due to the complexity of shaping and cutting glass, standard conventional shapes are preferred. These include circular and rectangular shapes. This should not limit the creativity and innovativeness of the homeowner or the designer as they intend to make t space look more attractive and more contemporary.

    The purpose of the glass table

    Tempered glass tables within a house may be used for many purposes. There are those that are used as coffee tables, lounge tables or dining tables. Understanding the purpose of the table being introduced into the home space may be a way to know the type of tempered glass to be introduced to be purchased since it also affects the size. Tempered glass table tops for coffee tables would be smaller compared to the dining tables.

    The measurements of the glass

    Cutting tempered glass for table tops may be tasking. It is thus the responsibility of the homeowner with the help of designers to ensure they have accurate measurements for their table tops. Having wrong measurements would end up resulting to a poorly fitted table top.  The measurements should also include the thickness of the tempered glass that is required. Interior designers should be contracted to make measurements to reduce the occurrence of errors in the long run.

    The type of glass required

     Tempered glass comes in different types. They include the transparent and translucent types. It is not always conventional that the transparent glass may be used in the creation of the glass tables. Sometime, the homeowner may want to stand out from the crowd and have a  unique glass table top.They should, therefore, identify the most appropriate type that they would want for their tables and order for them. However, factors such as thickness, size,and shape should be maintained.

    The available budget

     Due to their unique characteristics, the tempered glass table tops are more expensive than the normal standard glass tabletops. The budget available may not allow the homeowner to purchase the expensive types of tempered glass. Despite the quality being higher with an increase in cost, it is recommendable that the budget should be considered.When the budget is too high for the homeowner to afford, alternatives should be selected. This would include using thinner glass if thicker ones are more expensive. However, the budget should not be a reason to compromise on the quality.

    How to make tempered glass table tops look classy

    When having the tempered glass tabletops, most people might not notice. Only the homeowner may know that it is a tempered glass table top.Homeowners may take advantage of this and add some little decorations on the table.

    Add a flower vase

    Flower vases are known to make a home brighter. This may however only happen when the right colors of the vase are used, and colorful flowers included.  Most homeowners also fear to place ceramic flower vases on their glass tables for fear of breaking them due to much pressure put on them. Since the tempered glass table top is strong enough, placing a ceramic flower vase with colorful flowers may be an idea to make space look trendy. However, this should not be overdone, and only a sizeable vase should be placed.

    Homeowners should adopt the idea of having tempered glass table tops to save on costs of repairs they incur with tables that have standard glass. Also, it is essential for their safety in case of accidents.

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